You might loose your boyfriend to other girls


You might loose your boyfriend to other girls soon


You might loose your boyfriend to other girls, ask how?

Few days ago, I asked a question on TipsMint TV that how can a lady keep her man, lots of people contributed and it was concluded that nothing keeps a man unless a man wants to stay, a man that is sincere and wants to stay will stay, no matter what.

This article is not based on how you can keep your man, but to educate you on reasons why your man might leave you.

If nothing keeps a man unless a man wants to stay, what if a man is ready to stay, what if a man love you unconditionally, what if a man can’t live without you but you’re unconsciously chasing him away, yes! You heard me right, UNCONSCIOUSLY.

I will list some few things you’re doing that you might loose your boyfriend to other girls on.


Some girls generally believe that it is the right of any man to show love to his girlfriend, they usually think if they show love to their man, it will be as if they are cheap and as if they are forcing themselves on their man.

They love their boyfriend but will be pretending as if they never care, they will be acting as if they have a remote that is controlling them, some will even be shouting on their boyfriend.

There is no special rule that enforced guys to be the only one that should be showing love in a relationship, you also need to show some love, let him know you care about him, don’t tell him that you love him alone, act it, don’t hide the love you have for him in your heart, he won’t take you for granted.

When a guy madly love you and you fail to show to him that you love him too, it will be as if he’s wasting his time over you and he can assume you to not love him and make him to be looking elsewhere, make him happy, reciprocate the love he has for you, don’t be too shy or proud to show that you love your man.


A fact that you need to adapt with is that men are polygamous in nature, as you’re adorable to your man, there will be lots of girls that are adorable to your man too, lots of girls that are prettier than you, but if you give your man the chance to be more comfortable while he’s with other girls, then you’ve lost him already.

You don’t have to be monitoring him all around, yes it is very normal to get jealous, but try to control your emotions, leave him alone, let him be free, stop monitoring him all around, stop reading his messages, stop answering his calls, doing all these won’t stop him from cheating on you.

There are lots of ways to prevent your man from double dating, work on yourself, stop inconveniencing him, he might not be complaining, but definitely…. No guy will want to stay with a girl that won’t allow him to even greet his coursemates that are ladies without her asking him tons of questions.


How romantic are you? How caring are you?
A girl that believes only guys need to be caring should be stoned, how could you just conclude that it is the primary duty of guys to show care and also give attention?

Nice, it is a general believe that a guy should show more care and give more attention, but does this imply that you shouldn’t care or give attention too?, let’s face the fact! Guys are human too! You need to at least, care for him, give him attentions and let him know that truly, you love him.Giving your man attention doesn’t mean you’re cheap, stop the mentality and act like a real human……

  • How often do you call him?
  • How often do you text him?
  • How often do you see him?

If whatsapp had not existed, how would some girls be able to cope in their relationship.

Astrology can’t be fully trusted because there’s no general formula to life, but atleast 30% of the so called astrology is correct, you know the month and day of birth of your boyfriend, why don’t you search for his astrology on Google, know his personality, what he likes and doesn’t like, but No, you don’t have time for that.

Some guys are very flexible that they easily fall in love and fall out of love with girls, if there’s gap between them and their girlfriend for few days, they might fall out of love, what are you doing to close the gap, you are not giving him attentions, you’re not caring for him and he’s not feeling loved, why should he then be blamed for leaving you?.

Your boyfriend need surprises, surprise him with gifts, it is not about the price of the gift but the sentimental attachments it has, stop the I don’t care today, go to Google, find romantic love messages, text your man, let him know that truly, you love him, stop sending him templates like “have you eaten, how are you, is everything all right” let him know that you’re happy to have him as your man, be romantic with words, don’t think showing love and giving attentions is his job, otherwise, you will be unconsciously sending him away


Lies decrease trust while hiding things increase assumptions, and the enemy of any relationship is assumptions, having negative assumptions that why is this girl hiding things from me, does she has another guy somewhere, or why is she keeping secrets.

Don’t misquote me, what I’m driving at here is that, be open to him and never lie to him about anything, you don’t need it. Hurt him with the truth, but don’t make him happy by lying to him.


Are you a destiny helper to your boyfriend or you’re destiny sucker?

You can’t contribute to the success of your man, you don’t have time to sit him down and ask him how life is treating him, how his business is going, how his hustling is moving, you can’t support him with any advice, but all you know is….. Boo (romantically), I need some money, I will like to do this, do that, buy this, buy that.

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Is he your father?, I don’t say you shouldn’t collect money from your man though, but ask yourself, do you deserve the money you’re demanding from him all the time? Are you working for it? Are you assisting his destiny or sucking his destiny.

If you keep doing this without any changes, probably…. Your man will leave you soon if he sees a girl that can assist his destiny by providing timely advice and suggestions to him.


There is a clear difference between secret and privacy.

Do you really have to be hiding your man?, you can’t be proud of uploading your boyfriend on your status, you can’t even appreciate little things he has done for you on your status, you can’t praise him of being a great boyfriend, you met your friends, you introduced your man to them as your friend, all in the name of “I don’t want them to snatch him from me

Keep it up, he will leave you soon.

In Conclusion: All guys want to be with someone they will be conformable with, if your man isn’t comfortable with you, and another girl is making him comfortable, he will leave you soon.

Accept the person he is, even if he isn’t good enough for you, love him for who he is, don’t hide him.


Shar Khan said and I quote.

Love a man for who he is, not who you want him to be, if you love him for who he is, that is true love, but if you love him for who you want him to be, that is compromise, and there’s no compromise in love.

I wish you the best.
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