Why WhatsApp is banning users, check reasons below

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Why Whatsapp is banning users.

You might want to ask of the reasons why Whatsapp is banning users, I will explain everything here, please read till the end, your comment is important too.

First, whenever I heard about Whatsapp banning people, I usually believe that they are banning those that are using mod apps like whatsapp+, GBWhatsapp or TMWhatsapp, but I was shocked when accounts of people that are very close to me who are using official Whatsapp app were banned. This compelled me to do some researches on why Whatsapp is banning users, what I discovered surprised me.

Whatsapp has waged war against scammers and spammers and they vowed to be banning 2millions accounts monthly, your account might be among.

Now, why is Whatsapp banning users?

Before I address this, I will like to talk on the types of Whatsapp bans.

We have two types of Whatsapp bans, they are temporary bans and permanent bans.

I will try to explain both.

1. Temporary bans

A temporary ban is a warning from WhatsApp that you’ve violated some of it terms and it can last for one or several days and is marked by a timer on the app’s home screen.
If you’re banned by Whatsapp and you see something like this

why whatsapp is banning users

Just know that the ban is a temporary ban, you can be unban again when the timer reached 00:00:00 and you will still be able to use WhatsApp, this type of ban is not that serious.

2. Permanent bans

This type of ban lasts forever, unless you can prove that it is as a result of an error on the part of the WhatsApp team.

If you’ve been permanently banned, you will see something like this

why whatsapp is banning users

Or you might see something like this…..

why whatsapp is banning users

I will drop solution to this at the end of this article.

Why whatsapp is banning users


You may experience a temporary ban on your account if you use unofficial/unauthorized Whatsapp applications like GBWhatsapp, Whatsapp +, TMWhatsapp etc.

Using all these unauthorized apps has negative effects that Whatsapp is trying hard to prevent, because of that they’ve issued a great warning for users who are still using it.

Fortunately, the developers of these popular apps have added anti-ban codes to their apps which mean if you’re using the anti-ban mod app, you won’t be banned, but you might still be banned if you’re doing any of the below.


If you send too many messages to “unknown” people (who don’t have your number in their address book).

Whatsapp might ban your account because they might flag your activities as spamming and they have zero tolerance for spammers, always ensure that you message people who have your number in their contact list or avoid sending messages to lots of people who do not have your number in their contact list within a short interval.


If you create groups with many users who do not have your number in their contact list.

Creating a group and adding lots of people that do not have your number in their contact list might flag your activities as spamming, you can add people you don’t have their number in your group but it should not be much, moderate it, don’t add lots of people that do not have your number in their contact list within a short period of time so that Whatsapp will be alerted and tag you as a spammer.


If you are blocked by a considerable number of people in a relatively short period of time.

You need to check yourself and how to relate with people, if considerable number of people can block you within short interval, then your account will be flag as spammer’s account who is inconveniencing people and you will be banned

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If you send the same message to many people (without using broadcast lists).

Sending lots of messages to great number of people without using the broadcast list can flag your account as a spammer’s account, you should avoid forwarding messages to contact and create a broadcast list as soon as possible.


You may be permanently banned if you use WhatsApp to send advertisements, send spam, post illegal content (images, videos, and other material that is sexually explicit, offensive, harmful, violent or encourages hatred towards someone or something in particular)

Some of the messages that might get you in trouble that you need to take care of and avoid sharing or forwarding them are shown in the pictures below

why whatsapp is banning users

why whatsapp is banning users

why whatsapp is banning users

Avoid sharing these kind of messages, else your account might be permanently banned.

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Solutions to permanent bans

If your account has been permanently banned, the only solution is to mail any of the below email addresses with a convincing explanations that they mistakenly banned your account and you are not guilty of any offenses.

Android – android_web@support.whatsapp.com

iPhone – iphone_web@support.whatsapp.com

Windows Phone – wp_web@support.whatsapp.com

Web and Desktop – webclient_web@support.whatsapp.com

Other – support@whatsapp.com

You can also read this for more info

You’ve benefitted from this, how about your friends? They might be unknowingly doing any of the listed reasons, why don’t you share this with them to educate them? Otherwise they might suddenly stop chatting with you because they’ve been banned by whatsapp, permanent bans mean they will loose all the groups they belong and all sort.

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