WhatsApp Sets To Allow users to define who can add them to groups

Whatsapp The chat app is launching a new way to block strangers and friends from adding you to groups without your permission.

Previously, anyone with your phone number could add you to a group chat.

This allowed strangers to dump you into chats for spam purposes or trolling.

And sometimes friends (or former friends) might have added you to a group you just didn’t want to be in.

The new feature lets you stop this from happening with someone privately inviting you first.

WhatsApp began testing the tool, known as “Group Privacy”, in India in April but is now releasing it to everyone.

To do so, hit WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups.

WhatsappYou’ll then be presented with three options for who you want to limit unsolicited invites to: “Everyone”, my contacts” and “my contacts except”.

The first means anyone can add you to group chats without permission, while the second limits this power to people in your contacts.

Those not on your list will have to add you to chats via an invite sent to you in a private message.

You’ll have three days to either accept or decline the offer before it expires.

The final option lets you block several of your contacts from adding you while giving the rest of them the power to do so.

It’s a great way to stop any trigger-happy mates from adding you to too many chats – though we imagine the move might cause a few arguments.

As ever, the feature is merely a rumour for now, so take it with a pinch of salt. We’re not sure when – if ever – it will be released to the public


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