What Youths Need To Stop Doing

What youths need to stop doing

What youths need to stop doing

These few words were said to me by Olamide, one of my friends.

I asked him a question on the problems we are facing in the society now and how we can solve the problem, his reply nearly made me cry.

Here goes the reply:

Problems in the society are not generated from anywhere than the way we think.

Back in my villa in Kogi, a main road is damage as a result of erosion which has caused a big disaster by digging a big pit of about 3m to 4m wide and approximately 10m deep down the ground.

According to people, the exact point where the pit started is a point where a woman use to sell akara (beans cake).

When the erosion started at that place, the woman left for another spot, just for a small pothole. Only if she had made attempt to amend it then, the road would have been intact.

Later, it was going deeper needing a tunnel to be constructed but everyone said the government will do it. Only if the government will do it tomorrow but as at now, the government has rendered no help.

Last year, the whole youth went to control that erosion, without waiting for any government agency but it is useless, it has gone beyond what they could handle.

If only it has been done while they were waiting for government to come to their aid, it would have helped.


I was motivated to agree that truly, this is absolutely correct, we really need to wake up and take charge, we don’t have to be blaming any government for everything that is happening or that has happened to us.

Let’s change our mindset, if we don’t start taking responsibility for what is happening to us today, we will end up staying at the same spot without developing or moving forward.

We talk about corruption everyday, yes almost all our leaders are corrupt, but most of the youths are more than corrupt, do you think you aren’t corrupt too, if you were given the opportunity to hold political posts, would you be truthful?, definitely not!!

I’m not justifying the politicians though, but we need to stop blaming government for everything  and take some responsibilities too.

We can collectively achieve greater things without relenting on government.

  • What impact are you making in your communities?
  • What problems are you solving for people?
  • Are you creating problems or solving problems?
  • Are you working selflessly or selflessness is clouding your thoughts?
  • How many lives have you impacted positively?

These and some other questions are what we need to be asking ourselves, let’s change how we think and work together for the betterment of our nation.


God Bless Nigeria

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Written by PHILOMATH

Azeez W. Abidemi, popularly known as Philomath (The Writing Mathematician) is an Entrepreneur, Prolific Writer, Blogger, Presenter on YCSHub Blog-show, Graphics Designer, Web Developer, Educational Consultant, App Developer, Tutor, Motivator & Mathematician, he's a passionate Nigerian who is interested in helping people with different kind of writeups.

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