Ways of making money as a student

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7 PROVEN WAYS STUDENTS can make money while on campus

­7 PROVEN WAYS STUDENTS can make money while on campus


In this article, I will be sharing 7 proven ways of making money as a student 

First, please go to your browser and search for “ways of making money as a student“, probably millions of results will pop up, but most of these search results promise you heaven and earth, some will even state that you can earn millions within a week.

Let me be frank with you, what I’m about to unveil isn’t something that can make you rich or turn you to a millionaire, I’m not a millionaire yet and I can’t be promising what I haven’t achieved. But definitely, it will elevate your financial status and help you with the payment of your school fees and feeding allowances, this means you won’t be depending on your parents for any money again, have tried them before and I can tell you that they are very okay. You loose nothing by trying them, so please follow me as I explain everything in details.


Mystery behind making money on campus.

Being a student in university /polytechnic/ college of education gives you access to great many students, let say 20,000 students.

How nice would it be if you can at least gain #1000 from 1% of the population. 1% of 20,000 = 200, 200 x 1000 = #200,000. Now imagine if you can be getting this type of money monthly or every two months? It is possible, yes very possible.

To make money in your school, you need two things.

  • Popularity
  • Creativity

1. Popularity: You don’t necessarily have to be too popular, but you need to join many platforms, make friends with lots of people from different faculties and departments, devise a way of reaching many students in your school.

2. Creativity: you need to know what to do, and how to gain your money, you need to find a general problem facing the students then do research on the solutions and present it to them and also charge them money for it. If you can get to students emotionally, then you’re rich already.


Now, let’s go to business, what are the ways of making money as a student?

I will answer the above question with my 7 proven ways of making money as a student, let’s go.

  1. Digital skills
  2. Buying and selling of gadgets
  3. Tutorials
  4. Writing and Publishing ebooks
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Middleman
  7. Blogging

Please read my detailed explanations.


1. Digital Skills: With the advancement of technology, there are lots of digital skills that are very marketable today, you can earn lots of money by doing them for other students.

Some digital skills like

  • Graphics designing
  • Website developing
  • App developing
  • Programming etc

2. Buying and Selling of Gadgets: if you’re interested in doing this business, there are times that students are usually broke, some students sell their phones or laptops at cheaper price just to feed themselves, if you can buy few phones during this period at cheaper price and later sell them at higher price, then you can earn a lot.

But you need to be conscious of the type of phone you buy and from the person you buy it from.

Well, you might not have money to start this type of business, don’t worry…. Please continue reading.

3. Tutorials: as a student, you can teach other students for money, you can teach online or offline and earn money for it, you just have to be good at what you do, there is no limit to the amount you can earn.

Ways of making money as a student

4. Middleman: Out of my ways of making money as a student, here is where creativity is in place, you can do the above 3 without doing them yourself and you will still be earning money for it.

i. Buying and Selling of Phones: you don’t have money to buy phones, but you have access to lots of students, you can simply tell students that if they want to sell their phones, they should contact you…. You will look for buyers for them, and add little money to the price, let’s say someone come to you that he/she needs Infinix HOT6, you find a seller who want to sell it at the price of #40,000, then you tell the seller that you will collect #3000  for helping him in selling the phone, you will tell the buyer that you’ve gotten a phone but the price is #45000, if he/she later beat the price down to like #43000, you’ve earned #6000 like that, you will do the business neatly that the seller and the buyer won’t have to meet each other.

Imagine if you can get like 5people to do such business with in a week, you will be earning #30000. That’s one of the beauties of being in an higher institution.

ii. Digital Skills: Truly it is advisable that you know one or two digital skills, it will be useful after your graduation from your school.

But for now, you don’t need to know any skills before you can earn money from digital skills, all you need to do is to tell people you’re doing a particular things (designing a graphics, developing a website, developing android app etc) then charge them and give the contract to someone that can do it, let’s say you collected 10k from your client and give 7k to the person you employed to do the job, then you keep the remaining 3k to yourself. You can do this over and over.

iii. Tutorials: You don’t need to be a guru before you can earn money from doing tutorials, in fact you can earn money from the comfort of your room without tutoring anybody.

Just reach out to people online, do survey, what course are people failing the most in your school? What course is giving them problem, then talk to them and organize a tutorial for them, charge them some money for it.

Don’t be too greedy, charge them little money… Let’s say you charge them #500 (affordable money) each, then you were able to get 100 students to register, that amount to #50,000, you can’t possibly spend #50,000 for the tutors you employed.

At least, you will gain #20,000

Inaddition to this, if you also know something that you think will be of benefit to people, you can do tutorial to them on it and earn money, but the rule is…. It is better to get #200 from 100people than to get #1000 from 5people.

If the price is high, people won’t register but if your price is low, lots of people will register and they will also refer their friends.

5. Writing and Publishing of Ebooks (Pdfs): if you’re good at writing stories and educative articles, you can earn money by writing and publishing the books online, their are websites that allow you to upload your books to them and also allow you to set your price, you will keep 70% of the price and the website will keep 30%.

You can publish your ebooks on the below websites.

6. Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Let’s say Miss Arinola has a company and low sales in her company, Mr Philomath is someone that is well known online, then Miss Arinola begs Mr Philomath to assist her in giving her business wider publicity, then Mr Philomath agreed and charge her 10% of the price of any product sold through him.

Have you been seeing adverts about IJMB and JUPEB registration?

Nice, those who do the adverts are receiving up to #50,000 per students referred, that’s the way some students do make money in school.

You have nothing to loose, just talk to few centers, ask them for referral price, then go to Facebook, join aspirant groups, write a compelling BC and add your number to it, aspirants will message you, talk to them and convince them to register for IJMB or JUPEB, you earn at least #20,000 to #50,000 for any student that you refer.

In addition to this, you can talk to few friends of yours who are selling things or doing things. You can refer customer to them and earn money per customer referred by you, apply your creativity…. You can earn unlimitedly.

7. Blogging: The best way to earn money is through blogging, blogging is the easiest way to make money in Nigeria, you can earn millions through blogging, but blogging isn’t a get rich quickly scheme, you can start blogging without spending kobbo and you can be doing it for fun, you will definitely earn from it and when it start fetching you money, you will be really happy about it.

Let Blogging be your investment now and be trying harder to grow your blog, some bloggers like Jide OgunSanya of Ogbongeblog is controlling millions of naira now, he started blogging back then and with persistence and perseverance, he become a millionaire.

What most people lack in blogging is proper mentoring, you will see some students going into blogging with wrong niche, quack designs and all sort, if you can see someone to guide you properly, you will surely be successful in blogging.

Blogging takes time, but waiting really worth it.

Join our free blogging tutorial here


These are my ways of making money as a student

Do you have other ways of making money? Or you will like to ask some questions, please do so in the comment section.






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