Stop the hate, Stop it

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Good morning, So I decided to share this with you this morning.

Yesterday I went to see a friend and he was on call with another friend.
Apparently, they were both classmates with another of their friends who couldn’t complete her secondary school education because she got pregnant before the final secondary school examinations.

While on phone, he was telling the other guy something like “If I meet Ibunkun for road I don’t even think I will greet her”. The other guy immediately agreed with his line of thought.

Funnily,they weren’t going to stop greeting her because she turned bad,committed some crime or so, but because she only got pregnant while in school. A mistake I am very sure she also regrets.

Crazy thing is, these guys don’t mind greeting and hanging out with Yahoo boys,fraudsters and some rascals.

The perception of girls who got pregnant in their early teenage age as failures is not only wrong but also WRONG!. And it must stop.

We shouldn’t judge and ostracize people based on decisions they made at very young age. When they had close to no experience, reasoning or ability to think.

Crazy thing is most of these girls were probably raped by their so-called “suitors”.

I have heard stories and I am sure majority of these girls were forcefully penetrated by their suitors who feel entitled to have sex with them after spending on them.
Worse still, most of them are forced into marriage with these demons “so as to save face” by their parents.
And in those marriages, they are constantly abused and raped. They are always very sad and broken and need someone to relate their struggles to. But because you feel you are one “holier than thou” idiot who is now in university, your level has changed and you shouldn’t be seen with them.

Anyone can make mistakes in life. There are people who didn’t get pregnant early on, finished secondary school, attended University and still amounted to nothing.
Thing is, most of those people you mock now may go on to live a better life than you would.

Stop the bitter profiling and stereotyping of young girls who were victims of naivety . It’s bad.

They are many people who had children at 17,16,18 who went on to do well in life. Genevive Nnaji is an example that comes to mind.. There are many more too….
So please if you have such friends who are struggling with life, greet them if you find them, talk to them and try to pay them a visit. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

And thank you for coming to my Talk show

Thank You…

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