Solutions to phone addictions

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Solution to phone addiction

Solution to phone addiction

In this article, I will be teaching you the best study strategies of using android applications to fight Phone addictions.
The problem face by students is phone addiction, some students spend more time on social media instead of reading their books, some can do without their phone.
How nice would it be if you can break free from this phone addiction?, if you can read your books without being disturbed by social media or YouTube?


You might know good study strategies but with distractions, you won’t be able to study effectively.
The first application on my list is Self Control, self control is a mobile application that allow users to block access to certain applications on their phone over some period of time.
To set it up, you can go to the app settings and choose airplane mode, this will turn the phone to airplane mode during the study time.
In addition, you can either set the application to run manually or set your study timetable. After setting the study time table, the app will automatically initiate itself at the time sets. You can also set the applications you want to be executable on your phone during your study time.
Lastly, assuming you initiated the app and you are blocking access to WhatsApp, but there is urgency to check something on WhatsApp. No matter what you do, you can’t access WhatsApp unless the time you set elapsed or else you will have to format your phone. You won’t be able to stop the app or uninstall it after it has been launched. I could remember the first day I downloaded the app, I mistakenly set the app to 24hours and initiated it, I couldn’t access any apps on my phone and I couldn’t stop the app, I was able to use my phone after the 24hours elapsed.

Download it here



Antisocial is a powerful mobile app that works exactly like self control.
This app:

  • Tells you the number of time you unlock your phone everyday.
  • Total minute you spent on social media per day.
  • Your favorite apps.
  • Apps that consume your time and also block them for some time.
  • Blacklist (block access to) certain applications on your phone for some period of time.

Download it here



There is need for you to do some research online, so this compelled you to make one of your browsers executable, but you’re afraid that you will misuse the browser, and use it to stream videos online, chat on social media and all sort, this is where Cold Turkey comes in.
This app work by blocking access to certain websites on your browser, you only need to open it and enter the URL of the websites you want to block. This will block access to these websites on all your browsers for some period of time, you can’t override the settings unless the time elapsed.
This will enable you to do your research effectively without abusing your browsers by blocking websites that aren’t useful to you at that moment. The app is available for PC and Mobile users.

Download it here



Freedom is a mobile and PC app that works exactly like cold turkey, it can also be used to block access to certain websites over some period of time.

Download it here


You can find all these apps useful, this article is dedicated to PHONE ADDICTIONS, there are lots of study strategies apps that are useful for students

Why don’t you check 4 applications that can boost your academic life out
If you need the apps or you are having any problem using the apps, drop your comments in the comment section. Thank you.

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  1. If you are seeing this, count yourself lucky cos the apps mentioned above are very effective. Trust me on this… Give it a try

    1. We are glad that you found it helpful.
      We are ready to give you more, always come back and don't forget to share to your friends too

  2. This article is very educative and helpful for those that are addicted to their phone and can't do without it even at the time of study.
    God bless Philomaths for coming up with something like this.

    1. We are glad that you found it helpful.
      We are ready to give you more, always come back and don't forget to share to your friends too.

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