Reasons To Live Episode 5



Night turned to days, days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months after we moved into Doctor Hassan’s house.

Everything went on smoothly. We lived in harmony. Doctor Hassan treated us like his kids. He made us the kids he never had.

He registered my siblings in one of the top private schools in Lagos State. We went for picnics on the beach and also went shopping occasionally.

Doctor Hassan made sure we weren’t lacking in anything at all. To me, Doctor Hassan is the definition of a father I never had.

Tough times doesn’t last forever. They say, but good times does not last forever too.

The mixture of both is what we call life. My happiness soon turned sour one evening when Mrs Hassan got a call from an unknown caller who later told her that Mr Hassan was involved in a ghastly motor accident and he is currently battling with his life at Zenith Care Hospital.

Mrs Hassan screamed and broke down in tears. She was disorganized totally. By the time we got to the hospital, Doctor Hassan was in a state of coma.

The accident was indeed a fatal one: his vehicle was crushed beyond recognition and Doctor Hassan on the other hand suffered lots of bruises.

Some of his bones were broken. I wondered how he survived the accident.

Around 8pm that night, Doctor Hassan kicked the bucket. He was buried the following day according to the Islamic rites.

It was indeed a black week for us. The following week after Doctor Hassan’s death, his wife attitude changed towards my siblings and me.

She would raise her voice at us at any given opportunity. She would hit me with any object she could lay her hands on at the moment.

Mrs Hassan accused us of bringing bad luck into her family which was responsible for her husband’s death.

Things turned from bad to worse every day. Mrs Hassan turned me to a sex toy so as to satisfy her sexual desire. She would have sex with me at any given opportunity.

I could remember the first time it started, it was the same day she deflowered me and took my innocence away.

It was a Friday night, I was in the kitchen doing the dishes we had used for dinner. My brothers were fast asleep as I was the only one awake.

Mrs Hassan who was in her early thirties crawled up to where I was with a transparent night gown which clearly revealed her bosoms and her thick thighs.

Mrs Hassan had a big, round and robust breast which appeared perfect for her body.

She had a glowing, fresh brown skin which made her very beautiful and attractive alongside her gap teeth and dimples.

“Timmy, come over to my room when you’re done. My waist is aching me seriously, you’ll help me to apply this balm on it” Mrs Hassan said while waving the balm at me so as to get my attention.

“Alright, ma” I said with a bit of shock. “Mrs Hassan hasn’t called me for such thing before” I said to myself almost loudly that Mrs Hassan could hear me.

Mrs Hassan left the kitchen as soon as she delivered the message. I went to her room after I finished doing the dishes.

Little did I know that Mrs Hassan had other plans for the night. By the time I got to her room, she had removed the night gown which she wore earlier and was only putting on a bikini pants and brassiere.

She laid flat on her chest with her ass facing heaven.

I wanted to go back and tell her that it wasn’t appropriate seeing her unclad but she told me to do just as I was told.

“I believe I know what is right and what is wrong.She said and looked at me scornfully.

She added that I should apply the balm on her waist. She tossed the balm over to me.

I knelt down on the mattress right beside her and gently applied the balm on her body.

I kept glancing at Mrs Hassan fresh, brown skin, spotless and her protruding bossoms while applying the balm on her waist.

My joystick was gaining momentum gradually but Mrs Hassan couldn’t notice it because she was faced the other side of the bed.

“Lead me not into temptations, oh lord” I prayed silently.

I continued with the back rubbing and massage still maintaining the waist region not until she was giving out a moan.

She adjusted her pants and shifted it downwards a bit which later revealed the upper parts of her big and fresh ass.

“Rub it down a little” Mrs Hassan said with her voice almost trembling, I was quite shocked with her weird requests.

“This isn’t right.” I hesitated and held my hands back in doubt. When Mrs Hassan noticed that I wasn’t doing as instructed, she gave me a hot slap and pulled me over herself.

She started undressing herself that moment, she removed her pants and bra.

I opened my mouth in disbelief and wanted to force my way out of her room.

“Where do you think you’re going to you son of a b**ch?”  Mrs Hassan said as she pulled me back.

She took off my clothes and tore my undies like an hungry lion who haven’t had a prey to feed on for years.

She pushed me to the mattress and played with my dick till it got hard then she sat on it and started riding it like a cowgirl.

Mrs Hassan continued like that for about thirty minutes, she was moaning loudly and jerking seriously than before, she released some sorts of juices on my dick and slept on me.

During the whole process, I tried to plead with her but I couldn’t over power her, she seemed to be more powerful than I was. I couldn’t help but to cry.

Mrs Hassan got up after she finished satisfying her selfish sexual desire. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you’re still a Virgin.

But you look grown and mature and you have a very good dick.” Mrs Hassan said while trying to clean up the whole mess.

“Timmy, it’s been years since I had a great fun like this. Mr Hassan is such a boring man when it comes to things like this and he’ll always get tired after 2 minutes of fucking me.I felt that she only tried to justify her action.

“But you must not tell anyone about what happened between us tonight, not even your brothers. I’ll surely kill you if you do!”

Those were Mrs Hassan’s threatening words to me that night.

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