Reasons To Live Episode 2

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reasons to live



As I exit the hospital, I got home to prepare lunch for my mother and siblings.

While re-arranging the house, Feranmi, my youngest brother, approached me.

He, in his young innocence asked when his mother would come back home.

“Soon, she’ll be back home very soon” I said patting his back while drawing him closer to me.

We all ate silently until I broke the silence “Wale, I’ll be back soon, I want to visit mom at the hospital. Please take care of Feranmi.

I carried the food flask which contained my mother’s food and headed for the hospital.

On getting to the hospital, I saw some set of nurses pushing a patient with the aid of a wheel out of the ward.

The figure was covered with a white cloth from head to toe. I told myself, peradventure, the person is gripped with cold.

I shrugged and. I found my way to the ward where my mother had been admitted. I had the greatest shock of my life when I didn’t meet her there.

I dropped the flask I was holding and ran blindly to the Doctor’s office with tears in my eyes.

I met the doctor in his office with his hands akimbo, he tossed around his office higgledy piggledy.

He paused when he saw me. “Oh Timmy, you’re back already?” He asked. He appeared quite bothered.

“Yes sir, I’m back. I’ve brought her food as you’d requested. But sir, I couldn’t find her in her ward when I got there. Where is she?” I asked.

Tears began to stream down my face like the massive flooding of a shop.

“Oh Timmy c’mon, you’re a man and you need not to worry about your mother this much.” He said while taking me out of his office.

We headed towards another section of the hospital. A completely different part.

He doctor held my hand and squeezed it at intervals till we got to a big door with a ICU tag on the wall. Although, I didn’t know what it meant but I was pretty sure it was a medical term.

After a short while, we got to where mom was laid. I let go of the Doctor’s hand and ran towards my mother. I called her and held her palms which I squeezed it gently.Mama, can you hear me?” I asked in an almost silent tone.

After a while, she opened her eyes gently and smiled at me. Mama held my hands and said something which sounded more like a gibberish to me.

After a brief moment, her voice was clearer. She said “Ayomi” which means “my joy.Mama alone calls me by that name

“Mummy mi” I said amidst my tears. I squeezed her palms together.

“Wipe your tears my boy, you won’t have any cause to cry by God’s grace.” she smirked and looked away.

“Amen” I said while I sobbed.

“I want you to take care of your younger ones, and also take care of yourself. I so much believe in you. You’ll make me and your father proud one day and we will be pleased with you.Mama said and let go of my hand.

“Mummy, you’ll be fine. You’re going to take care of us. You’re not going to die. The doctor has assured me, he had said that you will be fine.

My mother closed her eyes and didn’t answer me again. I started crying bitterly and refused to leave her side until the securities dragged me out of the room.

When it was 8:00pm that night, the doctor called me and told me he’s done for the day. He asked if I won’t mind if he drove me home which I budged to.

The Doctor instructed me to come to the hospital early the next day.

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