Reasons To Live Episode 10

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reasons to live


There is a light at the end of every tunnel although I reached a point in my life that I searched desperately for that light but I could not see any.

It was totally out of sight. Indeed, life takes us through dark tunnels and sometimes we aren’t sure if we’ll even see the light.

Despite all the challenges, against all odds, always find a reason to live.

Everything worked well for me eventually. I am definitely one of the best lawyers in Nigeria and my wife, Ayokanmi is a scientist and an international businesswoman.

She established big shops in about 4 states in Nigeria and had many more in diaspora. She sold fabrics, clothes and jewelleries. Everything eventually fell into place.

I was overwhelmed with sadness when I realized that I would be going to Agodi prison in few days. I had tried my best in court but the charges against my client was more than I could appeal for.

Samuel had lost at the Federal High Court. I thought I could take up his case for appeal but I realized he cannot win.

All investigations proved him a criminal. The 3rd of September would be his birthday. Which was also the day I would be visiting him in prison.

I had not missed visiting him on his birthdays for the past 4 years when I heard his case. Samuel was always eager to find out if things were going on well for me.

While I was ecstatic to tell him about the new improvements and the achievement my family made, I felt bad that he was in seclusion. And I wished he had listened to me many years ago.

We didn’t plan to live like this. Samuel had wanted to be one of the best surgeon in the country. He wanted to be my bride’s man although he wanted us to get married on the same day.

He said we would switch turns when we need to take the vows. I liked him. I missed him.

He had met with bad friends and they had changed his path. He is now unfortunate. He was engaged in an illegal deal with a business he and his secret friends created.

The business duped a big company and they were eventually caught. This opened other reports they had not been prosecuted for before. The case was judged together with previous offences.

It was tragic, when the judge announced, that he will be jailed for years with hard labour.

I had promised Samuel to always be there for him. It was the promise I made to him the first time I visited him in prison. It is that same promise that will make me visit him again.



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