Reasons To Live Episode 1

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reasons to live


Episode 1

The office was so empty that you would hear the collapsing sound of a pin. The Doctor adjusts his sitting position to unveil the nature of my mother’s illness. Fear gripped me, sweat trickled down my face despite the chill of the room, an effect of the air conditioner hanging above the window behind the doctor’s chair.

Just as the tension was becoming almost unbearable, the Doctor asked where my father was. He asked imagining how a young boy like me could stand in place of my father. “You can talk to me doctor, I’m not a kid.” I answered him and pressed my face into my palms. “Besides, the man is in the lane, he died when I was 11 years old.” I added briefly.

He said he is sorry about my catastrophe as if it mattered to me at the moment. He made the unfortunate gesture; his two palms behind the head. I shrugged, and asked about mother. I was eager and nervous to know her condition as she has been bedridden for over 4 days.

“Son, I won’t lie to you. Your mom’s condition is quite critical but I strongly believe that she will be fine Insha Allah.” His soothing words gave me comfort and I believed my mother will be fine again, it is just a matter of time.

“Please go home and rest son, you’ve been here since. And kindly bring her something to eat on your way back here.

“Alright, sir.” I said, as I walked out of the Doctor’s office.

Ohh, I haven’t introduced myself… I’m so sorry, Na situation cause am. My name is Oluwatimileyin Turner but you can call me Timmy Turner to make things easier. I’m a 100L student of University if Ilorin. This story you’re reading is my true life story. I grew up having a single parent.

My Dad passed away when I was in JSS 1 and ever since then, my mother has been taking care of my two brothers and I. Being the eldest, I know how hard and difficult single parenting is and a typical example is a bird using a wing to fly. Almost impossible, isn’t it? Yeah that’s how it is. Life was so difficult for us with my mother raising 3 kids.

She was a primary school teacher which wasn’t enough finance to cater for her boys and put food on the table. My mother still have 3 other side jobs aside being a teacher in which she engaged in daily just to make ends meet.

My Uncles and Aunts from my paternal sides weren’t helping matters at all. I could remember back in 2012, they accused my mother for his death. They clamoured that she was responsible for the death of my father. They called her a witch and all sorts of vile things. They took everything away from us. The car, house, and the joint company my mother and father ran together while he was alive, they threw us out of our house.

Life was really tough after my father’s death. Being the first son,I had to hawk goods for my mother early in the morning before going to school and on weekends so as to put food on the table. I’ve been exposed to the dreadful streets of Lagos at a very tender age. “Timmy, you’ll become successful one day and make me and your late father proud. I believe in you.” My mother would always say to me.

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