Nobody Is Ugly

Nobody is ugly

Nobody is ugly

NO HUMAN BEING IS UGLY!!! Yes! I said it, i will say it time and time again, i will continue to say it, i will never stop saying it either. Saying what exactly? you may ask. That is the fact that ”there is no Human being created by God himself, that is ugly”
Many people use that term ‘he’s too ugly for me’ or ‘she’s too ugly for me’. To me, those words are coming from an ignoramus tongue because they are ignorant. If you ask me, I think that’s a lame man’s language. God created us in his image and likeness remember. The image he’s talking about here is not just the facial outlook but the likeness of God. Likeness in all ramification, ranging from MINDSET, CHARACTER and the rest. So when someone is not facially bouyant, don’t judge them by what you see physically or facially. We all should understand that there are hidden treasures in everyone.
Some people can be facially bouyant but their character is just unimaginable!. Some of them have very bad manner to start with. Meanwhile, there are people who might not be facially sound but their character and their person is just, ‘out of this world’. At the first sight, you might not pick interest in them but when you get to know them inside-out, you’ll be amazed at what comes out of them. You just find yourself clinging to them simply because, you have found that hidden treasure in them.
Listen my friends, Don’t you ever see anybody and tell them to their face (even behind them) that they are ‘ugly’. some go as far as telling their friends things like, ”o girl you wowo ooo”, ”only God know how your children will look like”! Oh Jesus have Mercy! Can you just imagine these words being said to you? And if the person gets angry, you claim to be joking. THAT’S AN EXPENSIVE JOKE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! C’mon now, How do you want her to feel? The innocent girl will go home and start brooding over those strong words you’ve leveled at her. They will look at themselves in the mirror and also tell themselves that they are actually ugly. You’ll find out that when any strange thing happens to them, they feel its because of how they look that such thing are happening to them. That’s where inferiority complex comes in (both for the male and female involved). They will feel completely inferior in the society. some will believe that they do not ‘belong’. Some will go as far as attempting suicide… It does not really worth it for Goodness sake!

Listen to me my guys and ladies reading this right now, that you are facially challenged does not make you inferior to every other person. You are a STAR not just a star but a SUPER STAR! Look at yourself and declare positive things to yourself. Try and find out what your potentials are because you’ve got a lot to show to the world. I want you all to understand that;

Normal is an illusion, what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.

Don’t you ever try to please everyone because they will frustrate you to the grave. Don’t you ever feel inferior for any reason whatsoever because, Beauty they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. In other words, it will take a person who knows your value to respect and adore you. Try discovering who you are. if all those who called you ‘inferior’ or ‘ugly’ can see who you really are, they will bow down and worship you. Don’t wear a frowning face all the time or wear tattered clothes or do any nonsense just because they ignorantly called you ‘ugly’ or ‘inferior’. Take very good care of yourself, appear incredibly neat always. Be proud of yourself and who you are because ‘THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR YOU’. You stand to inspire a whole lot of people out there, so please, DO NOT DISAPPOINT THEM. Make them PROUD! Please remember that God created the world out of nothing, and as long as we Human beings are Nothing, He will make something out of us. In other words, God will make something out of you only if you know and understand who you are. GOD HELP US!

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Written by PHILOMATH

Azeez W. Abidemi, popularly known as Philomath (The Writing Mathematician) is an Entrepreneur, Prolific Writer, Blogger, Presenter on YCSHub Blog-show, Graphics Designer, Web Developer, Educational Consultant, App Developer, Tutor, Motivator & Mathematician, he's a passionate Nigerian who is interested in helping people with different kind of writeups.

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