My Dreams

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I’ve my own dreams,
and my own desires.
Something for which I’m keen,
want to set the world on fire.

But you are the one who is stopping me,
for who I really want to be.
What you said ain’t my will
and I know I don’t have such skills.

You tell me to have an aim,
I have it, still you blame.
Don’t expect me to be the same,
you’re just bothered about your fame.

I can’t keep walking on your shoes,
my dreams are something I don’t want to lose.
I just want to follow my heart,
but you’re letting the dreams apart.

I don’t want to follow the crowd,
have a dream, heart is too loud.
I know my dream has a good scope,
I’ll surely succeed, I still have hope.
At last, don’t let your dreams apart,
whatever happens just follow your heart!

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Mhiz Holam

Mhiz Holam

Mhiz Holam is a 300level student of Kwara State University,studying History and Heritage Studies. I'm an emotional poem writer. Mhiz Holam is an unusual character both sensitive and emotional, strong willed and resourceful. I find joy in writing poems and stories too.

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