Mathematics phobia and solutions

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Mathematics phobia
Mathematics phobia
Mathematics, which is commonly referred to as maths is from the Greek words, learning, study and knowledge. The major topics thought under mathematics include change, space, structure and quantity (numbers).
This subject is disliked by most students, they condemned this subject which often causes phobia for them.
Being sound in mathematics is a skill which can be developed, there are number of people who started out hating mathematics, through their determination to try and accept the fact that it is everywhere in whatever course they take, they learned it, and not only were they able to deal with it, they also learned from it and increased their earning power.
Mathematics Phobia as the name implies is the fear of mathematics, fear that you can’t understand mathematics, fear that mathematics is difficult, this in all way should be discouraged in our societies, mathematics is really fun and should be addressed as a simple subject.
What are the most likely symptoms of this mathematics phobia
– Unusual nervousness: if you always seem nervous whenever you’re doing mathematics or thinking about mathematics
– Passive behaviours: You’re either afraid of failure or simply thinking about math bring so many negative emotions that you’re unwilling to try
– A feeling of being alone: you feel that you are the only one incapable of finding the solutions even if the math is extremely simple
– A feeling of permanency: you begin to believe that you are naturally bad at maths and will always be, so you give up trying to improve
– Lack of confidence: you expect never to know the answer to math questions, so you depend on people (your friend) to do math for you
– Panic during test or when called to answer question: the classroom becomes a major source of stress for you, especially when you are taking a text or expected to contribute in class
Causes of this mathematics phobia include but not limited to
– Method adopted by the teacher to teach the students
– Student inability to process complicated concept in their brain
– Poor teacher-student relationship
– Assigning too many mathematics assignment to the student which may make the subject to be boring
– Teacher inability to break down complicated concept into simpler forms
– Non application of instructional materials while teaching the students
– The use of abusive words by mathematics teachers
– Students career choice
– Students inadequate background in calculations
– Students poor background in long procedures of solving mathematical problems.
– The fear of public embarrassment:
Math anxiety has also been linked to negative emotions from the past. If a student has been scolded for getting an answer wrong, it can make his or her anxiety worse. The same is true if he or she has been embarrassed in front of others.
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