Is she really not a wife material?

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Is she really not a wife material

Is she really not a wife material


She is not a Wife Material or you are not a Husband Material?

Often Times we tend to blame the Ladies for whatever the reason is why that relationship did not lead to Marriage.

We want our Girlfriend/Fiancee to tolerate what we will not want our Sisters to take from any Man just to prove she is worth being the Mother to our Kids whereby ordinary common sense to show you know your left from your right you don’t have.

We refuse to show that we were at any point in life thought what scale of preference is back in Secondary school.


You finish your NYSC, you submit your CV and credentials everywhere, you are talking to anybody that can be of help, you need a Job badly, you are tired of squatting with a friend in one room in the city, your Mother still lives in a hut in the Village.

Now God hears your Prayer, shell gave you a call, you are asked to come and resume work.

The Job comes with a very attractive pay with so much benefits. Hallelujah!!!

For the first 2 months you don’t get paid your salaries. The third month, everything is paid together. Gbemu!!! The thing heavy for your bank account. Now the salary coming in regularly every end of the month.

And what is the first thing you do? YOU FORGET WHERE YOU ARE COMING FROM!!!

You go to GRA in Port Harcourt to rent a 3 Bedroom Flat. You go to the Best Car Dealership and get yourself a Nice Brand New SUV.
Everything now is “STANDARD” In Reekado Banks’s Voice

Is there anything you are forgetting? My Brother YES!!! you have forgotten that your Mother still lives in a Hut in the Village.

Sachet Water now causes you Malaria so you no longer drink it. Eva Bottle Water does it now but your mother still drink Water from the Well.

Job is going on fine. You now hang out with Big Boys every weekend.

Now you find a very beautiful lady attractive at work. You asked her out. She accepted. You two are now going out together. It’s been a year now. You feel she is the right Woman for you. You proposed and she accepted. You two are happy.

Way to go? Yeah like hell yeah…. I mean what else are you looking for than to settle down since you’ve gotten everything going for you. But are you forgetting something still? Yes!! Like hell yeah! Your Mother still lives in a hut in the Village.

Now you think it’s time to go see your Poor Widow Mother in the Village to give you two her blessings before you finally go see her parents.

Now you get to the Village. Mama is happy to see you and the beautiful lady that came with you. The Dirty hut your mother lives in is so dusty and very tight. No ventilation.

Suddenly your girl starts coughing. Your mum rushes to fetch her a cup of water from the well and then she refuses to accept the water for the fear of contamination and bacteria. She rushes to the Car to get a Bottle Water.

Your Plan with her was that you two was supposed to spend the night with your mother.

It’s Night. Your Mother Spreads a Mat on the Floor and asked you two to lie down.
She (your girl) whispers to you that you two need to go lodge in a Hotel. She can’t sleep on the floor.

She don’t feel safe. She is afraid some dangerous ants may bite her.
She is scared there might even be bedbugs around. Now your mum calls you to the backyard. Tells you my son!!! You can not marry that girl. She is not a Wife Material and then you say Ok mama.

From then onward you start giving the girl attitude. Looking for the slightest opportunity to call it quit with her.

My Brother your Stupidity is a special kind of Stupid.

Have you forgotten where you met this same girl to start with? She worked her way down there. You think she went to school, got her first and second degree, found her way to Shell in Port Harcout so she can become who she is before you met her just to risk drinking contaminated water and risking her health so as to prove to any man that she is a wify product? You must be sick Sir.

Before you started living that standard Life, the First thing you were supposed to do if you are matured enough as you claim is to “Standardized” the Life of your mother First!!!

Go to the Village, Scatter that hut and Build her a Place of comfort. Set her up.
Get her some nice furnitures. Get her a Fridge. Be sending her monthly allowances.

Tell her to stop drinking that dirty water. Tell her She must always have clean bottle water in the Fridge. Worse case scenario, Sachet Water.
Standard Life that can not reflect in the life of one’s Mother, is dawan even standard?

Before you start telling people around that she is not a Wife Material, you should probably ask yourself “HOW MUCH OF A HUSBAND MATERIAL AM I?


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