If the world hears my voice

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A lot have been spoken but have been ignored
A lot have hoped for good but haven’t been noteworthy
What if the World hears my voice?

Diversity in view
What impact will my view make?
The cry of the return of Humanity
The craving for Her lost Sympathy
The wish for the return of kindness
If the world hears that voice, Would there be a change?

The song of Unity,
What more is happiness if not unity?
Unity in diversity, so we say;
Why is xenophobic attack reoccurring?
I need to tell the world Unity is everything,
If the world hears my voice.

A Son of nobody, Becoming somebody just by himself.
A great achievement it is, If that happens.
Ordinary party jollof, Connection is needed

Corruption from the grass root all to the top

I can do better than Him, I have the qualification and talent; Not just knowing someone.

Hear me out, Give me a chance, o world!

The world might get bored of my unending talk of love.
But can we love without getting hurt?
Can our intentions be pure towards another?

I don’t want to hear the echo of my voice,
Can there be unity, love and peace?
I need a response, If the world hears my voice
For it’s not about me alone, But about everyone….


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