How To Work With Someone You Hate

Having to work with someone you hate can be mentally exhausting. An intolerable narcissist, a manipulative colleague, a proud jerk can negatively affect your thought process.

If your thought process is affected at work, well that’s a big deal because you can’t perform great like you ought to.

The good news is that it is absolutely possible to maintain a highly productive working relationship with that coworker you can’t stand. I call it the strategic approach to prove your high level of emotional intelligence.

Now, you need to;

  • MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS: It is important that you focus on yourself, handle your triggers and be attentive to how you react at every point. Now, it is not about the person anymore, it is about you. How you interpret the circumstances matter. Practicing a relaxation mood is one of such healthy management techniques.
  • PERSONAL SPACE: You may want to maintain your distance by avoiding the temptation of talking other people down. Stop trying to shove your opinion about hating a coworker down the throats of other coworkers. This is so contagious and all it is going to do is reflect negatively on you. If you feel the need to rant, you can do that with trusted friends then.
  • WHAT IF YOU ARE THE PROBLEM: Once you have your emotions in check, think about why you actually loathe the sight of that coworker. I mean, is it something they said or did? Are you jealous perhaps? Do you feel belittled because you think they are more productive? Really, think about it. Your triggers may be traced to an experience you had that reminds you of them or perhaps your emotions are just purely negative. Do you really have a reason to hate, think about it and just maybe, you’ll find some level of truth to this.
  • EMOTIONAL DETACHMENT: You know what? It is okay to act like you do not care by ignoring all the negative attitudes. Always maintain a healthy perspective at all times.




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