How To Work Alongside Someone You Hate

Hating someone as much as I know is natural, sometimes the sight of someone sickens you regardless of how handsome/beautiful the person is.  Some religious beliefs prohibited saying you hate someone but yes! they never disputed the fact that you HATE, don’t just say it.

Nature has it that when you hate someone, you can’t bear their presence and more than anything you feel so much irritated. Working alongside  the person is like living in Hell but jobs are scarce, you don’t want to lose this one to HATRED.

Thoughts of waking up the next day knowing that you are going to see him/her at work give you nightmares, you can’t even sleep. Now you are here looking for how to manage working alongside the person, good news is that you are at the right place reading just the right post.

In this Post, I will outline Four things you need to do. After reading this, I’m sure your sleep tonight will be free of Nightmares.  Scroll down immediately!!!


What to do

1. Keep your distaste to yourself ( I’m you know what that means)

2. Adopt I-DON’T-CARE attitude

3. Spend more time with the person

4. Manage your reaction



That’s all my dear, put the FOUR in place and you will worry no more.


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