How To Work Alongside A Narcissist

Working alongside a narcissist can be one of the toughest things ever, but there’s a way out if you’ve found yourself in this situation. First off, how can you identify someone who’s narcissistic?

Well narcissistic coworkers are so big on sabotage and ridicule. They get jealous of your promotions and will most likely take credits for your hard work. They find absolute pleasure in gossiping about you yet hate to be confronted.

A narcissistic coworker will go the extra mile to take all the glory by making themselves look better always irrespective of what that does to you.

If you have found yourself in this awkward narcissistic space and you want to remain sane, here’s what you need to know:

  • WALK AWAY: So, the narcissist trick is old and dirty. He/she would always look for ways to seem better regardless of how that might affect you psychologically, emotionally or even financially. My point is that it is a trick and you shouldn’t fall for it. Don’t ever give them the satisfaction of victory. Be courageous enough to walk away. Maintain your poise and class.


  • YOU ARE NOT THE PROBLEM: There is a deep insecurity that a narcissist feels when they perceive that you’re great at work. They basically zero in on people they feel are way better than them at work, has good marketing strategy, great social skills or just people that are confident. Now that’s the problem, they always channel their insecurities to make others feel less. You should always remember that you are not the problem. You are great. It is nothing personal.


  • NO INTIMATE CONVERSATIONS: Your personal opinions shouldn’t be given to a narcissist. I call it the narcissist trick and trap. He/she tries to get you to say something with the aim of twisting your opinion into what makes you seem like a horrible person. The narcissist is an emotional spoiler. A complete fire fighter thus, the need to be careful with information you spill out.


  • AVOID MEETINGS: This is a game changer. It is an effective step to take if you don’t want to get entangled in a narcissist trick and trap. Do not engage them. If you must engage them, keep it highly professional.



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