How To Wax At Home

Waxing is a top notch beauty tip anytime, any day! well, I must say that waxing is not a walk in the park because trust me, you are literally ripping hair off your body and that is huge yet perfect care for the skin. It may hurt now, but it is definitely going to feel better and more enjoyable with time. Waxing over shaving everyday for the rest of your skin care routine!! ha ha!!

Now, how do you wax at home?

  • GET YOUR SUPPLIES: There are three basic supplies you need to get this done which are your cotton waxing strips, Popsicle stick and a depilatory wax.
  • GET A GOOD WAX: Well i recommend the sugar wax; you can always get this at a beauty store. Sugar wax is perfect for sensitive skin.
  • CHECK HAIR LENGTH: Now, your hair should not be too long or short because you are just going to be left with a messy wax job. You should aim around 1/5 inch of growth.
  • SKIN PREP: You can wash your skin with a pre-wax cleanser or wash it with soap; choose whichever rocks your boat. Doing this ensures that the wax adheres to your hair follicle.
  • TEST THE WAX: You can do this by heating your wax, or better still making use of a wax warmer; You need your wax hot, soft and spreadable.
  • LET WAX MOVE IN THE DIRECTION OF GROWTH: Make sure you apply wax in the direction of hair growth; after which you have to let it settle for 6-10 seconds before using your wax strip and smoothing it down gently.
  • PULL OFF: You need to pull the strip off in the opposite direction. pull off against the grain. Thia may come off tricky and a bit painful.




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