Father with children exercising at home

How To train A Child

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Children are the gift from heaven bestowed on their parent, hence they must be well-taken care of.

It is worthy to know that a child’s learning start in the early years as that’s when the brain start to develop.

So to go about training a child, you can try the following:

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1. Learning how to eat themselves:
Train a child how to feed themselves as soon as they start eating.

2.lead by example
Don’t just tell a child to so something when you aren’t even doing it yourself,

Next time you tell a child to clean a plate.clean it first and see him/her do theirs without wasting time.

3. Build their confidence level
Teach a child how to be themselves wherever they may find themselves, build their self-esteem by engaging them in little tasks which won’t weigh them down.

4. Communication is essential
You can’t succeed without knowing how to interacts with people, teach your child how to communicate and you will see why it’s good to be up to the task.

5. Pray!!
Lastly,as an adage says “prayer doesn’t destroy things, rather they bring things into light”


Train your child to be spiritually balanced by teaching them how to pray and put all their affairs unto God.