How to set emergency information on your phone

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How to set emergency information on your phone



In this article, I will explain and enlighten you on how to set emergency information on your phone.

Android phones have been equipped with security settings. These security measures need to be taken in order to secure our privacy and also prevent other people from gaining access to our phones.

In as much as locking our phones with pattern, pin and password is cool and advisable, there are also some disadvantages.

Assuming you were traveling and you had little accident, how can the people who rescued you contact your families?, can they know anything about you?

I have heard lots of cases like this that some people had minor accidents and they couldn’t contact any of their families on time and thereby leading to loosing them to death, don’t you think this is bad?

Another case: You lost your phone and the phone contains some important documents, a philanthropist saw the phone and wanted to return it to you, but the phone has been locked and he/she couldn’t reach out to you.

These and some others are the disadvantages of locking your phones with patterns, pins and passwords.

Then, will I advise you not to lock your phone? Definitely not! I also lock my phone, so I can’t advise what I’m not doing, that’s why I need to enlighten you on how to set emergency information on your phone.

Almost all of us are using the latest Android equipped with Android version 8.0, if you are also using phone with Android version 8.0, please continue reading, if your phone is 7.0 or below, please continue reading too. You might not be a victim but a rescuer and probably you will soon be using Android phone equipped with Android version 8.0 or above

The Android phones with Android version 8.0 and above have a feature that allows you to set emergency information on your phone.

This means whenever your phone is locked, you can set some phone numbers that can be called without unlocking your phone and you can also display little information about you to people who rescued you without them having to unlock your phone.

Setting emergency information on your phone is very important, I will explain the steps involved on how to set emergency information on your phone.

How to set Emergency information on your Phone.


Step 1

(Ensure that your phone is locked)

How to set emergency information on your phone.

Long press on the call icon located at the bottom left on your phone’s lockscreen and swipe it up to launch the Emergency call.



Swipe up and press the Emergency button as shown in the above picture to launch the Emergency call.

Step 2

Emergency information

Click on Emergency information has shown in the above picture.

Step 3

Emergency information

Click on the pencil icon located on the top right of the page, if you’re unsure, please check the above picture.

Step 4

Emergency information 1

Now, you will be presented with two options, the first option is to set information about yourself, while the second is to choose some numbers that can be reached incase of Emergency. Let’s first work on the first option.

Step 5

Medical information

After clicking on Edit information in step 4, you will be shown the above picture, then next thing now is to edit each, I will take you through the editing.

  • NameThe first thing you need to edit is your name, tap on name and correctly write your name, if you have a nickname that you’re popular with, you can also add it, but make sure you write your full name as contained in your documents.
  • AddressThe next thing you need to edit is your address, tap on the address icon and correctly write your home address and residential address, you can write multiple addresses.
  • Blood type You will tap on blood type and add your blood type there for people who rescued you to know more about your health.
  • AllergiesWhat are you allergy to? State them here
  • MedicationsWhat do you think you need to tell them about you health? Are you an asthmatic patient or you have ulcer? Do well by adding information about it here.
  • Organic donorDo you have an Organic Donor, you can choose yes or no in this option
  • Medical notes Here, you can add few things about yourself.

Note: All the above can be edited by tapping on them as shown in the pictures used above.

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On how to set emergency information on your phone, you’ve set your information above, now the final step.

Step 6

Add contact

Press back button once after you’re done editing your information and click on add contact, your contact list will be shown, then choose any contact that can be called incase of any Emergency.

If you are the rescuer, just stop at Step 4, after completing Step 4, you will be shown the information set up by the person without having to unlock their phone.

We are done! These are how to set emergency information on your phone, do you have any question? Or you’re unsure on the steps, let’s hear from you in the comment section.


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