How to score 280+ in jamb

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How to score 280+ in jamb

How to score 280+ in jamb

What are the advantages of scoring 280+ in the 2019 JAMB?, you think it is not easy?, it is quite easy!
If you score 280+, it will give you upper hand over those that scored low JAMB score and it could land you in your dream course.
Now, let’s dive into business, how can you score 280+ in the jamb?, applying this simple hints will make it possible with no stress

1. Slap use of English on the face

Yes, you heard me right, the most easy subject to pass is use of English because it is simple and the most tricky subject to fail is use of English because it is very tricky, some students believe that English is really simple and easy to pass

Since I can speak correct English, I shouldn’t have any problem with English na, I don’t have to read it self

Please and please, if you have this mentality, drop it! What I learn from my senior reporter at Team Plato Reports, Taiwo Olalere Premier is that;

The correctness of a sentence can never be determined from the way it sounds while pronouncing it, most of the correct English are absurd to hearing

Let’s take a look at this question
I want to _______ my hair (a) barb (b) cut (c) barber (d) barbing
If a question like this is presented to us, definitely our answer will be option A, barb, yes na! It sounds okay to us, I want to barb my hair
If someone choose barber, you will laugh at the person because it sounds absurd to tell a barber that you want to barber your hair, lol.
BARBER is actually the correct answer, you can check your dictionary. You may speak English very well, but that doesn’t make you a good English students, drop the I too know and get one of Dele Ashade books (invisible teacher, A-Z in English, A1 in English etc), study it carefully and I promise you that you will definitely score 85+ in jamb use of English.

2. Know your weak point

Are you weak in one subject?, please just try and know the topics/subjects you’re weak in, talk to someone that know it more than you and let the person guide you, remember nobody is an encyclopedia of knowledge, so always be humble to learn and never be shy too.

3. Know your strong point and exploit it

My best subject is mathematics, so I know mathematics to be my strong point, I read all I could read in mathematics and answered all questions neatly in jamb, I was expecting 100 but scored 85 instead. Well that is still manageable, the point is, know what you are good at, let your best subject boost your score, assuming you scored 85 in use of English and now scored 85 in biology (your best subject) then you are having 170 already, you can easily score 120+ in the remaining two subjects, know your strong point and exploit it please, boost your score with your best subject.

4. Shun procrastination

Read hard and pray hard, never postpone what should be done today till tomorrow, remember that proper preparation prevents poor performances, your admission is in your hand, either you pass or fail is your choice, and spending extra year at home depends on the choice you make, I wish you the best.

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