How To Produce Germicide At Home



Some microorganisms are very harmful to us and they tend to cause us different kind of illness, this is why Germicide is needed to kill them and free us from any illness that they might have to offer us.

At the end of this post, you will be able to produce Germicide at home yourself.


  • Pine Oil
  • Texapon
  • Industrial Camphor
  • Lysol
  • Phenol
  • Izal Concentrate
  • Izal Booster
  • Whitener


  • Pine oil – ⅛litre
  • Texapon – ¼kg
  • Industrial Camphor – ⅛kg
  • Lysol – ⅛litre
  • Phenol – ⅛litre
  • Izal Concentrate – ¼litre
  • Izal Booster – ¼litre
  • Whitener – ⅛litre


  • Put your Pine Oil into plastic container
  • Add Texapon and mix thoroughly
  • Add Industrial camphor and stir together
  • Add Lysol and mix
  • Add Phenol and mix (Handle phenol with care)
  • Add Izal Concentrate and stir together
  • Add Izal booster and mix together
  • Add Whitener and mix together
  • Add a litre of water initially to soften the solution, before adding water
  • Allow to settle before packing


Please carry out the steps carefully, if you’re facing any challenges, I will be here to attend  to you and guide you very well, kindly use the share buttons below.

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