How To Open Docx File

Docx is a file format in which some written text are in. Other formats include txt, pet, and so on. Many at times you find a Docx files right before you. But how really do you open a Docx file.

Well it wouldn’t take so much hassle as all you’d need is a an app for Android, IOS or PC.

  • For Android/IOS: Well enough, numerous apps are available to Android and IOS users when it comes to opening a Docx file. I recommend WPS office. On checking Google play store of Apple store you’d find the WPS app. With this app, all you need to do is tap on the Docx file and all the content pretty much comes to life. WPS opens Docx files with zero stress.
  • For PC (Desktop and Laptop): Good old Microsoft Word  is a primary option to many computer users. Adobe reader too is always a Pal. Double click your Docx file and any of the app preinstalled on your computer would open it for you.

Many office apps today can open lots of file formats. Docx is usually used for document related format a rather similar cousin to old Doc file.


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