How to make shoe polish yourself

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Shoe polish

How to make shoe polish yourself

There are lots of reasons why you might consider making your own shoe polish yourself, it might be to save money, to make money from it by selling them to your friends or to gain some popularity by sharing it to people freely, no matter what your reasons are, I believe you will learn a lot at the end of this tutorial on how to make shoe polish yourself. 

Shoe Polish is an important household need in every home. due to its high call for, the available products in the market can’t meet the need of those who can’t do without it. so production of this product locally will help in supplementing the imported ones.

For every product, there are ingredients you want to bring together, mix together and package before you can call it a product.

Consequently, right here are what we need to provide our very own polish.

Raw materials needed to produce Shoe Polish

The raw materials are as stated below:

  • Paraffin Wax (note that paraffin wax is usually in solid form. Use little quantity)
  • Paraffin Oil. (there are one of a kind oil inside the marketplace. the oil stated here is a chemical used for manufacturing. it looks as groundnut oil but the heady scent is very distinct.)
  • Dye Stuff (oil soluble): – that is the color you will add to your polish and it depends on your preference. Make sure you inform them you want to buy dye and not color.

Note: the dye is in powdered form but it need to be oil soluble. which means that you will buy the dye that will dissolve in oil (paraffin oil) and not water.

  • Packaging materials (storage containers).


  • A pot
  • A stove/Gas cooker/Electric cooker
  • A mixer (spoon or a straight clean stick)


Light your stove and place the pot on it. let it get warm and then put the paraffin wax in the pot. Let it dissolve completely and then pour the paraffin oil to it and stir it thoroughly.

Now, you need to take note of how hard or soft you want your product to be, you can test the hardness and softness by putting small portion of it on a spoon and putting the spoon on a cold water, within some minutes, you will see how hard or soft your product is, if it is too hard, you will add paraffin oil to it and if it is too soft, you will add paraffin wax to it.

Add your desired colour of dye to it and mix them properly. pour the combination into the storage container you have organized and allow it to cool.

Also, take note here that it is advisable you pour the hot mixture into the container that you will use for packaging, doing this will make the product to be smooth because after it is cool, it will take the shape of the container it was poured inside.

After this, your product is ready for use/sale.

All the materials/ingredients can be gotten at a very cheap price, if you can venture into this, you will surely make some cash.


This is how to make shoe polish yourself.

Do you have any questions? Make use of the comment box to reach us.



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How to make shoe polish yourself
How to make shoe polish yourself
There are lots of reasons why you might consider making your own shoe polish yourself, it might be to save money, to make money from it by selling them
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