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How To Level Up

Levelling up as most people might think is getting Money. Or maybe living the posh life. But in its true form, it means being the best version of youself and if you’d agree, levelling up starts with the mind

For starters you have to understand the works of the mind. Everything you see was once someone’s idea, think about it. If then you can level up your mind to the heights, you will get a level up in reality

The mind itself is a mechanism of unknown power. It simply grows on what you feed it. It also the basis for most success. So I’d give you 3 simple steps to level up

  • Positivity: Many at times we fail to realize that we are surrounded by negativity. As a result our minds operate on that and so does it reflect on our lives. To begin with, you have to engage your mind in positive tasks. It could take any form. Positive words, actions, movies, music, and on. Remain positive on all endeavours and you will find yourself a step closer to levelling up
  • The Gold Cirlce rule: It is the rule of the universe where like attracts like. It simply points to surrounding yourself with like minds. This has a great impact on you as a person and your success as well. To level up, your Cirlce has to level up. You have to drop limiting relationships or still keep those relationship at a distance so it doesn’t affect your mind and judgement. Levelling up means levelled up decisions
  • Knowledge: Now this signifies a lamp post where all darkness fades. You have got to fill that mind up with levelled up energy too. Knowledge itself is light and you have to understand, no levelling up can happen if you lack knowledge. As a bonus, here are 2 top books to aid your quest
  1. Keys to Success by Napoleon Hill
  2. Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Remember, your mind has to level up first so guard your mind and feed it the best. It is surest way to win.


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