How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Our hair is such a precious ally. In many ways it adds beauty to our overall looks. So how do grow our hair in a short time.

Naturally we all have different hair growth in terms of time but here are 2 sure wasy to grow your hair faster

The Hemp plant has numerous benefits and hair growth is one. I’m saying you should go rushing finding how to take a puff. But the secret lies in its seed.

  • Hemp seed oil: As it implies, this oil I gotten from the seed of the hemp plant. So to grow your hair faster, get a bottle from a local store nearby or online stores. Apply generously allowing the oil to get to the roots of the scalp. Do this every morning after bath and Mark the difference in 2 weeks tops. The application of the hemp oil simple keeps your hair moisturized avoiding waste loss which is no friend for rapid hair growth. Also it thickens the hair it comes in contact with which means bye-bye to falling hair.  Be sure to stick to the routine and you will see changes in no time
  • CBD oil: Also gotten from the Hemp plant, this oil is extracted from the whole plant itself which is a good stuff. Now this oil contains fatty acids like Omega-3,6 and 9 which is always good news for hair growth. Your Hair will also thank you because CBD oil contains ‘GLA’ (gamma linoleic acid) which acts as fertilizer for your hair.



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