How to get rid of procrastination

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How to get rid of procrastination

How to get rid of procrastination

That disease called ‘Procrastination’, Yes! I called it a disease because;

  • It has virtually destroyed many lives and rendered others useless.
  • It has made many lose a very important thing in life.
  • It has turned many to being just the shadow of themselves.

Procrastination has really caused unspeakable things in the life of many people today. What then is this procrastination? one may ask. To the best of my knowledge or rather, to my own understanding, Procrastination is the act of postponing a very important thing that one must attain to time and time again. Its the act of using the term ‘later’ for those important things one must do at a particular time.
The people that are guilty of this, have this venomous expression that is capable of destroying them. Expressions like;

  • I will do it later
  • I am too tired right now
  • I will do it tomorrow and it goes on and on like that.

This is what I call BEAUTIFUL NONSENSE if you ask me. Don’t you know that, just one minute you waste in solving a pressing issue can involve a human life? It can lead to a devastating end really. Why then do these people procrastinate? To the best of my knowledge, its ‘LAZINESS‘. (please correct me if i’m wrong). Don’t forget the old saying that says;

Laziness travels so slowly that poverty soon overtakes it

So if you keep on procrastinating or allowing laziness taking over you, you might end up losing a major breakthrough that might just change your life for good.
How then can you overcome procrastination? you may ask. You see, I believe in one principle in life and it has always kept me. This principle is the saying that says;

whatsoever is worth doing at all is worth doing well

I used to be guilty of this act but thank God I was able to overcome it. I will give us three (3) simple steps that will help us overcome procrastination. These are the things that also helped me.
Firstly, you must try to do it at the right time even when the urge to postponed comes, be decisive enough to go ahead and carry out whatsoever it is you have to do. If you want to do a thing that is very important and you know that its not going to be nice if you fail to do it immediately, don’t hesitate to carry it out I beg you.
Look at those that write or compose songs for instance, if an inspiration comes to their head and they fail to write it down or record it, they will forget immediately. (ask your friends who write songs, they will testify to this). All you just need to do is to do that thing immediately or at the right time to prevent ‘had I know’ exclamation.

The second thing you need to overcome procrastination is what I call ‘work the talk‘. What do i mean?
You see, there are people who use their mouth to build estates, own private jets and all, yet they are not working towards it.
I agree with John Mason when he said;

The world is divided into those who talk about doing things and people who do things

So where do you belong? Try to act out the things you have in mind to do because, action they say, speaks louder than voice.
The third and last thing i believe will help us overcome this disease are these 3-in-1 sentence, and they are;

  • Pray to God to help you out
  • Fight your mind
  • Change your character.

How do I mean? you may ask, I will explain. Prayer as much as i know is the ultimate tool to overcome that ‘disease’ called procrastination because;

The devil smiles when we make plans, he laughs when we get too busy, but he trembles when we pray’

– Corrie Ten Boom.

Don’t just worry about anything; instead, pray about everything including the spirit of ‘procrastination’. Hear me friends, The highest purpose of prayer is not to change your circumstances but to change you.

Prayer may not change all things for you, but it sure changes you for all things

– John Mason

The way to overcome the flesh is to overcome the mind. I want you all to understand that victory in the mind is victory in every other realm. You must fight your mind to come to a certain conclusion that will help you deal with ‘procrastination’. Nothing great was ever achieved without a decision. Make up your mind today that you’ll never procrastinate henceforth.

Thoughts lead on to purposes, purposes go forth in action; action form habits; habits decide characters; and characters fixes our destiny”

– Tyron Edwards

For a moment, ask yourself this question, Does my character prove that procrastination is a taboo for me? My distinguished readers, if you are guilty of this disease and you can put these simple steps which are;

  • Doing the right thing at the right time
  • Working better than talking
  • Praying to God
  • Overcoming the mind and
  • Changing your character.

If you can put them into practice, then you are on your way to dealing with that nonsense called PROCRASTINATION.

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