How To Get Along With Your Siblings

You’d agree with me that your siblings are the most annoying set of pole on earth but you can still take a bullet for them.

A friend once told me he would never allow his siblings touch his perfume but he can donate his kidney for them, I find this so funny but true too.

At times it can be so hard to get along with siblings, but it’s necessary you do.


To get along with your siblings you must let them know you love them, beyond the fights, beyond the arguments, let them know you care.


In getting along with your siblings you must also be concerned about them, concern entails noticing their down moods, mood swings and all.


Asking about their academics, businesses, relationships from time to time and also proffering solutions when needed also help you to get along with them.


Lastly, to get along with your siblings you must be ready to give them advises from time to time, about their health, finances, relationship, etc…


Getting along with your siblings isn’t a big deal because it’s worth every effort.


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