How To Get Along With Your Grown Daughter

Every parent wishes that their daughter don’t make the same mistake they made, especially the mother. This as a result makes the parent watch every of their daughter’s step to make sure she didn’t take a wrong one.

Their daughter on the other hand feels caged by her parent’s over-protection as she would call it, this will make her think of you as someone she needs to hide things from, ‘you wouldn’t understand’ so she claims. This isn’t what you want with your grown daughter, you remember the old times when she always tell you she loves you. I know how bothered you are and how much you want this to change, that’s why you are here.

I’ve contained in this post, a detailed approach to getting along with your grown daughter, happy reading!!!

These approaches, I call them ‘Super 5’. has proved to be effective so far  about getting along with your grown daughter

1. ACCEPT THE FACT THAT SHE’S AN ADULT: Of course she is an Adult, do not address her like you do when she was thirteen. Just accept it already.

2. DON’T CRITICIZE ANYTHING SHE DOES: Your daughter should see you like a confidant, someone who would always support her even when she does something silly. Rather than criticizing what she does, tell her she did well but she needs to improve on some parts.

3. ALLOW YOUR DAUGHTER TO KNOW THE TRUE YOU: Don’t preach A to your daughter and do B, not only does it confuse her but also make her doubt you. Tell her about yourself, how handled yourself when you were her age.

4. BE SUPPORTIVE TO HER: This makes her come to you first whenever she needs to talk about anything, you will be her best friend.

5. BUILD A POSITIVE CONNECTION WITH HER: The connection is what makes her listen to you and only you.

If you take note of my SUPER 5 and act accordingly, you sure will have no issues getting along with your daughter.


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