How to format a laptop computer – Windows

How to format laptop (works for all Windows specifications including Windows 10)

Sometimes, we face hard drive problems which demands difficult process to erase or even, different programme errors owing to lost or lack of missing file.

However, there is always a way out aside formating or erasing disk data but these process sometimes, is unavailable to non-experts and unprofessional computer literate. Hence, the need for erasing all data and restarting afresh to access a programme or process a data cannot be outsided.

Types of Formating.

There are two types of desktop or laptop hardware formating.

The first one called “Keep my files” will only erase all the programme files or installation on your computer and leave your private documents or files.

The second one which is called “Remove everything” will delete all programme files, databases, software packages and even private documents and folders. Consequently, it’ll leave your computer bare with a brand new impression.

Let’s get started.

  • The first things Is to navigate to the windows menu.

1. Tap the windows icon.

2. Go to settings.

3. to update and security

4. Go to “Recovery”

5. Tap “Get Started”

6. Use “Keep my files” or “remove everything “

Windows will take several minutes to reset.

It’s wise to back up your documents before erasing all data. However, while this method will delete all datas from being visible, including the documents and programs from your computer. A technical expert is likely to still access some crumbs of your information.

Therefore, it cannot absolutely erase all information.

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