How To Fight Against Bullying

Bullies as you’d know dominate us in different areas using physical or mental means. They otherwise prey on our weakness and exploit it making us do rather that which we won’t have done. In short, they make us do what they want.

Bullying if you’d believe has a lot of effects on us. And it is not something to write about with a smile. If you have been or still are a victim of bullying, you have every right to fight against it. I haven’t been a victim myself but I’m a witness first hand.

Firstly, you must understand that bullying is a mental game even when it is physically evident.

Secondly, you should also know that it can be solved in most simple ways

Thirdly, it all depends on much courage you have to fight. Nothing is impossible

To break the chains, I have 3 steps to ensure you shift that reality

  • Understand the Bully: To solve a problem, we must find its source. Get to the root of the problem by observing what the Bully focuses on the most and Why you are his/her victim. These questions would give rise as to what strategy the Bully uses to keep you in check. Once you know this, you know how the Bully thinks.
  • Involve Multiple parties: Voice out your problem to people who you trust or people in authority. Your loved ones old or young can’t sit and watch you trampled over. No reasonable person will sit over an injustice such as Bullying. Let the Bully know that people are aware of his/her actions and you are backed up. This will adjust how the Bully sees you. Now he knows you have back-up, nothing will happen to youwithout people pointing fingers at the Bully
  • Show Courage: Gather enough momentum in your heart and fuel your inner fire with courage. Cowardice has no place where courage lies. Show the Bully you are tired and won’t yield to demands or bullying anymore. Ensure you don’t make physical contact whatsoever if this Bully is bigger and tougher.

The world could use some liberation and bullying is just another walk in the park. So when next that bully comes around, follow those 3 steps above and you’d be just fine.


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