How To Fall Asleep

Sometimes you just wanna have a nice sleep but it seems Nut hard. At times it comes once in a while a time you don’t just easily fall asleep. Might be some nights, a week at it or who knows what else.

When at some stage it gets worse it therefore becomes a companion but believe me, it is not anywhere nice. You are about to find out how to Fall Asleep in 5 easy steps.


Get comfortable

To begin with you’ve got to find that best position where you’re comfortable enough. It could be laying down or relaxing on a beach bench, all is just fine.

  • Relax – This means what it means, nothing else. Here is how it goes; Strip your body of every control (letting go totally). You would know you are relaxed when you feel no unnecessary tension anywhere in your body.
  • Breathing properly – No sleep can be achieved with irregular breathing. The process is quite simple.  You breathe with the 4 seconds technique Breathing in: Count 1 to 4 second while breathing in then hold the breath, Count to 4 again while holding the breath and Afterwards exhale while counting to 4
  • Let your thoughts flow- This is quite a tricky part but the secret lies in letting go. Easing the mind. This is just like getting comfortable in the mind to. At that moment you have to exercise your will over the mind  and let everything slip through. Hold on to no thought. This can only be achieved by doing nothing about your thoughts
  • Allow the silence: When you have done all 4 steps, you enter a sense of peace. At this point you may drift off but no one really knows when they falls asleep. Most of it pretty much lies in the mind.

Everyone deserves a good sleep, share with a loved one today


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