How To Effect Text Animation

Text Animation as the name implies is  the way of making texts appear to move in motion pictures or computer graphics.  If this is what you are looking for, this post is all you need to see.

Long ago, it’s quite hard to animate texts because you need to have prior knowledge in Graphics designing making use of softwares on a computer.

But now, the availability of some Android apps that can effect text animation instantly has made it easy to do even with no prior knowledge of graphics designing.

In this post, we will make use of an App called LEGEND to effect Text Animation.


Click here to download legend

After you have successfully downloaded the app, open the app. Below is the screenshot of the interface of the app.



1. Click on the play icon, next page below



2. Here is where you type the text you want to animate.



3. After you have input the texts and you want your text to display on a particular background, click on the Gallery icon to choose background from your gallery





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