How To Edit A Picture

Sometimes you just want to add a little touch to a picture. The art of doing just that is called photo Editing. To Edit a picture, you need tools because without them, no editing.

To begin with you definitely need an app. But remember every app is unique but most have the basic tools. If you’re searching for high end apps for editing, I personally recommend Snapseed.

By using Snapseed, you are presented with a wide variety of tools. It also depends on what you want to do, what do you want to see or change. It looks just like this.


There are countless options to choose from to make your picture look just right. You like like this app so much because it gets the job done.

On the App you can import any picture from your gallery. Better still, you can simply share the picture to Snapseed. Once imported, you most certainly won’t believe your eyes.

When you import, you see this tool option. Tap and a pop-up list comes. You remember the Iphone portrait effect? You can get something similar with this App’s portrait even if your don’t use an Iphone.

To change colour schemes, that has a whole tray of effects too. Tap the ‘styles’ option to toggle the tray.

Editing pictures doesn’t have any particular rule by the book. It’s just you, the App and your imagination. Explore!


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