How To Do A Facial


How many times have you thought about bringing the spa to your home instead of actually going to one? How many times have you really wanted to understand the puzzling ideology of a facial treatment? Well, the list goes on and on but the good news is that I am here to guide you through a beginner’s step to step facial treatment. This will be fun because you are about to make your skin glow like a star literally ha ha!!


  • CLEAN YOUR SKIN: Understand that you need to start off this routine with a clean canvas. What I mean is that you have to cleanse your face using cleansing wipes to get rid of any dirt; you can use an oil based cleanser or facial oils like the olive oil. Once you’re done, wash off with warm water.
  • EXFOLIATE: The essence of exfoliation is to get rid of dead skin cells thus making the skin look brighter. You are going to need a face scrub for this and make sure you are rubbing it gently in a circular motion.
  • MASSAGE: You are going to need a face massage cream for this. The whole point of massaging your face is to ensure that you increase blood pressure circulation and improve muscle tones which helps to keep the skin firm and glowing. I would advise that you spend 10 minutes massaging your face and afterwards wash your face with water.
  • STEAM: This is essentially needed to get your pores clean. After exfoliating and massaging, you need to clean your pores by steaming up. This makes the skin absorbent for products to follow. Heat is also great for the skin as it makes moist and relaxed. You can lean over boiled water and take steam for 6-10 minutes.
  • MASK IT: After steaming, your skin needs to be moisturized and nourished. Get a good face mask and enjoy this process.
  • TONING: After masking, it is important that you tone your skin. This helps to close and clean your pores as well as restore the balance of the skin. Get your favorite toner and kick off this process.
  • MOISTURIZE: Wrap it all up with a soothing moisturizer. This hydrates the skin and helps to retain and seal the moisture it might have lost. So, get your favorite moisturizer and gently massage it onto your face and neck, letting it absorb in the skin.



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