How To Create Before And After Pictures

Are you looking for a way to put two picture side by side in contrast. If so, here is little how to create before and after Pictures.

Get your first photo ready. The one you’d be labelling with before. And same goes for the after photo too. Make sure their distinct difference show Enough allow it be noticeable enough. Once you’ve had it ready, then we move to the next phase.

You’d be needing an app. Some bit size apps at available that can do just the trick. I’d be explaining using the ‘Inshot’ app.

Once downloaded, you open the app and there on your first look, you see thisFrom here you tap on the collage option and then you’re moved to where you can select varieties of pictures to add together making one photo. If you’d browse on the panel below, you’ll get to see different combinations of shapes and styles your images can fit in.

Start by selecting the two photos you want to compare.  The typical Before and After comparison style is portrait pictures side by side. As a plus, you can select the T option to enable text and you might want to indicate using text. The app allows you to move the text to any area on the picture. So you can go ahead and type before and place the text on the picture representing before, vice versa for after.

This does the trick, enjoy 😉



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