How to create a logo, professional 3D logo using phone

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Logo creation

In this article, we shall be discussing how to design a professional 3D logo using your android phone.

What is a Logo?

A Logo is a corporate image that performs emotional and informative functions. Designing a nice logo is one of the key tasks every novice business person must complete. A bad logo presents a bad reputation for a business.

The desire of every graphics designer is to create an attractive design but not everyone can afford to pay the training fee nor the essential equipment which is a laptop.

That was why I decided to publish a post to enhance new graphics designers to become professionals in no time using their mobile phone.

If you keep up with the lastest trends in the logo design industry, you probably know that 3D logos are becoming increasingly popular.

There are many tools you can use to design a logo, tools such as; Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and so on. But for you to create a professional logo using your mobile phone, you will use a separate tools, such as PixeLab, Canva and so on. I recommend PixeLab app if you want to create a unique 3D logo, because you will start from the scratch. You can also use Canva if you want to create a duplicate of a logo.

Are you ready to create a stunning logo? 

 Ready to make a professional 3D logo all by yourself using your mobile phone? In this tutorial on how to create a 3D logo, we will be making use of the PixeLab App. 

pixelabSo lets begin:

Step 1

Download Pixel Lab App from Google play store on Android phones or App store on iPhones.

Step 2

You click on the letter “A” at the bottom line of your mobile phone.

Step 3

Double tap on “New Text” or click “Edit” to write the name, an abbreviation or a letter that will make your logo looks good.

Step 4

Swipe left from the edit till you locate “3D Text” then click on it and click “Enable”.

Step 5

Swipe up from the “Enable” button, you will see depth, depth color, darken, 3d rotation, light angle, intensity, Shadow and specular hardness.
(Note: You can use any of the following aforementioned settings to give you a heads up logo) Click on the “mark button” at the right hand side of your phone.

Step 6

Swipe right till you locate “Font”, click on “Font” you can use any font of your choice and you can also import different fonts from any websites. All you need to do is to download the don’t to your browser then import it. (check for fonts) Click on “Ok” when you are done with the settings on the Font.

Step 7

Swipe right again till you see “Texture”, click on it and it will direct you to your photo gallery to choose a picture for your ‘text background’, click “Ok” when you are done with that.

Step 8

Click on the “Shape” beside the letter “A” to import a picture from your gallery to set as the logo background.

Step 9

Click on “the shape below the three dots” at the top right corner” to join the two layers then click on the button below the page that just shows up then “mark” the two layers, after that you click on the button before the mark button to merge the layers together then click “Ok”.

Step 10

Click on the “Save button”, it’s inform of a diskette shape, “save it as image” then click “save to gallery”

With all these steps, you will be able to create a beautiful logo under 20 minutes. I employ you to practice in order for you to be able to have knowledge about the App. The App is simple to use for both newbies and professionals in graphics designing.

This is how to create a professional 3D logo, if you have any problem using the app, feel free to use the comment box to reach us, we will be glad to assist you.


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