How To Call Unlimitedly On Mtn With #0

How To Activate MTN Unlimited Call Cheat

I’ve been giving you some cheats and tricks to browse freely and call unlimitedly for some days now, today…. I will be sharing this simple hack to call unlimitedly on your Mtn Sim without spending kobo.

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This cheat is kinda stressful but doing it really worth it, please exercise patience and follow this carefully.

I’ve personally confirmed this before sharing it, if it didn’t work for you, just drop a comment here and we will attend to it.

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Firstly, get a new/old MTN sim with any of this prefix:

  • 081640
  • 081641
  • 081642
  • 081643
  • 090611
  • 070630
  • 080641

Above are the numbers it will work on. Make sure you get one of the numbers above with the exact number prefix.

Next step is to go to your Phone’s Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Operators > then tap on Select Manually.

Then wait for network search to complete. When done, you’ll get a list of available networks as seen below.

Free Call cheat

Kindly choose any network to register on it, don’t choose MTN.

You might get an error message, just ignore it.

Go to your dial pad and call any number you want to call by adding 999 before the number. For example: 99908183572651.

You might get a response saying “Number doesn’t exist”. Don’t panic. Just go back to your phone’s settings and select another network operator except MTN.

Again, redial the number again. If you stop getting such response, and faced with frequent hangup, then you have to keep redialing the number until it finally connects.

The frequent hangup is caused by network congestion on 999.

Make sure you don’t select network operator again if you successfully activated this cheat on the MTN sim.

Please enjoy while it last.

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