How To Become A Blogger

Have you asked 1 time what it takes to make a blogger, it is quite an array of simple steps anyone can follow with zero stress.

Blogging as we know is publishing one’s lifestyle and experiences online. And you’d have to believe that it is as easy as breathing

Check this out; just imagine a blog for dads.

This shows that even our elder folks could want and have a blog. How hard can it be? Here is what it takes

Brand yourself

‘A voice, an image, a logo’ all ideas conceived in the mind. It shows the world who you are. It shows as stated by ricky shetty ( What your missions visions and values are.

Carving that image of you in the minds of people. Just like how a bite out of an apple signifies the apple company or how the letter ‘f’ on blue background means facebook. As you brand yourself it means that you are also following a niche

This is Chidinma and she is a Copywriter. She has made sure whenever I see, I always remember copywriting

Your niche
You have to recognize what you stand for and the kind of people who you want visiting your page.

You’ve got to narrow down your audience. Is it a blog for travelers, single parents, you name it. It is 100% customizable.

Find what suites you and let the world hear you clear!

Website: your own world
This quite interesting. You would have your own name and face available to any part of the world. Having your own website means you will;

  • Get to have your own space on the world web
  • Get to see in real-time how people would interact with you
  • Generate residual income via numerous means (traffic, sales, etc.)

The possibilities are endless, remember linda ikeji? She is one of the wealthiest bloggers in the world. A single mom at that too

This is where the bravest survive and the others go home. Believing is key and never stopping is essential. Your blog survives on content. And it is content that sells.

Extra skills to help on your blogging journey:

  • Seo (search engine optimization)
  • Copywriting
  • Digital marketing

With these… will be a top voice in your world.


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