How To Ask Someone For Money

Sometimes, you find yourself facing an emergency and the fact that you don’t have some funds saved up for it  leaves you with no choice but to ask someone for Money.

Depends on the kind of asking you mean, if by asking you mean ‘Borrow’, that’s quite hard to do too but less  compared to asking to be dashed the Money.  In both cases, there are techniques that will help you do it easily to be analysed in this post.

Before asking for money, do these two things:

1. Choose the right person to ask

2. Go easy on the person ( ask two people if you know the money is quite much for one )

If you have put this in place, then you can ask for money these following ways:

1.  Ask for Advice first: Be serious while you asking for advice, let them pronounce the money part themselves. If you had chosen the right person like I advised, the person sure know your situation and can even dash you the money if you meant to borrow before.

2. Do it in writing : If you are the shy type like me, I guess the best way to do it is in writing. But when you write, make it compelling enough.

3. Make your repayment plan known: If your motive is to borrow, stating your repayment plan enhances your chance of getting the money. The person will be glad to know you are repaying and will address you differently, unless he didn’t have for real, he will surely give you.


These ways have been tried by several people and confirmed very effective, go try it too.




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