How To Ask A Lady Out

If you are reading this, it means you’re ready to step out of the “FRIEND ZONE” Or whatever zone you probably find yourself in right now ha-ha and that’s a great step to take.

But hold up! You want to know what’s super great? well it is understanding the subtle art of asking this special lady out and of course that is why I am here to rescue you from that painstaking misery of not knowing what to do.

Now, here are the things to note;

  • BE A MAN: Well you need to man up and shed off that weight of nervousness. You need to understand that ladies love it when their man is bold with solar power confidence, and that simply means they love it when feelings are genuinely communicated. So you’ve been speaking to her for a while now, and you want to take it further, oh please! You have my full support, go ahead and make things work.
  • COMMUNICATION IS EASY: One of the specs of truly being a man is fluency in communicating feelings and emotions and oh wow! This is easy. Trust me, it isn’t rocket science. All you got to do is avoid ambiguity and just go for it. Speak from a place of genuine love. Speak from your heart. Keep it simple. If you can’t do it in person, asking over the phone isn’t a bad idea.
  • WHAT IF SHE SAYS NO?: Now, this is a real time fear factor. Well, what if she says yes? You may or may not face rejection after all but there’s going to be a lasting euphoria in your heart that at least you asked and that gives you a sense of moving on to someone who is going to appreciate and accept your feelings.
  • LESS IS MORE: Your date doesn’t have to be in mars. Dates are better off simple and informal. This gives you the opportunity to grow in communication and get to know each other better and better. Trust me, every lady would appreciate this.

So go ahead! Ask her out already! Bye.


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