How To Ask A Guy Out


You are probably reading this because you are really interested in a guy but couldn’t summon up the courage to tell him or better yet, you don’t know how to.

I feel your pains my dear, that’s why I’m here to make it easy and less awkward to ask him out. I believe after this post, your fear is as good as Disappeared.

The first thing you need to get rid of is the Black mentality that a girl who asks a guy out is cheap, that’s really wrong and you should believe either.

Here, I will going to teach you a very simple way to do it that will make it look less awkward.

Below is a text, all you need to do is copy and paste to the guy after you must have been friends him for a while.

“Hello dear, Good morning/afternoon/evening. I’ve been looking for the best time to speak my mind to you but there seem to be no best time, I just have to make this time best and I hope you do too. I want to let you know that i care about you, i believe you are mature enough to understand what I mean.  I would love us to hang out sometime and rub minds, this would be the best moment of my life.”

Use the text above and be ready for the Wonder to happen, go shoot your shot my dear.


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