How to Ask a Girl out Online.

Mistake Guys Make

The mistakes most of us, guys like me, made is we rush into a pretty girl’s dm and start rolling our tongues like unchained wheels with broken breaks.

We confess our feelings and leave the girl with an impression that is overly absorbing. We have forgotten the person we’re approaching is totally ignorant about us, and the she is ignorant about your personality.

So what do you expect her to like about you? The fact that you can’t comport yourself? That you can’t impress her? And you’d want to surpress her with your flaming emotions that lacks interest? Oh. Stopppit. That is a red button.

Don’t. Don’t ever scurry into a girls inbox to ask her out anymore. It sucks. There is higher chances of the girl taking you rather cheap and either fawning at your proposals or concluding you’re just ‘one of them.’


Hold this. Before you can get into her mouth. To say yes. And mean it. Get into her head. I tell you.

The plan.

  • Make Friend With Her. 

The plan is to make friend with her. And not make friend with her. Confused? Don’t be. You will make it look like you’re just a friend. But notice her slight changes. Her slow replies. Her offlines dates. Her latest updates. However, give her ‘wowing’ replies about them. Let her feel so good about your comment and do not stop there.

  • Get her number.

Sometimes and randomly, not regularly. Call her and make her laugh uncontrollably during your talks. Gist her about stuffs that will interest her and make her say “you’re funny”… Then, let silence pass. Between both of you. Afterwards, complement her in a very calm tone, let that sound romantic. Remember to add her full name. Something like “your laugh is as beautiful as you, Tinuke.” and watch her burst into another fresh mild of uncontrollable “haha”

  • Use Emojies.

Emojies are one-thing we used in expressing our feelings or what we wanted to say and not type them. So emoji might be a perfect way of throwing your hearts at her. Of course, not too much. You can input it during interesting laughing chats. Or after goodnight.

  • Tease her.

Most Girls, if not all, when in chats with boys, always expects to be on reply side. They’ll almost turn the chat into a job interview, answering questions with little or no addition. Therefore, teasing them might be a way of pulling off their words without their permission. Make the tease interesting and short. Adding humour to her replies.

  • Ignore her.

Do this sometimes to let her observe the space between you both. Generally, human do not appreciate what they have especially in excess. This also apply to your presence, if too much, will become familiar and will lose impact. Let her realize the position you fill when you were online, let her notice your absence. This can be done by being so lively in your chat and also, shutting off sometimes.

  • Post Nice Pictures.

No. Don’t send it to her. Post it on your status. This gives her not only an impression that you’ve beautiful face but also that you’ve a beautiful life. You become attractive and whether she accepts it or not. You’re on your way to her heart.

Am I missing out something. Add it below.




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