How To Approach A Lady


The dating sacrifices for we humans are outrightly complicated, especially catching a woman. Apart from the fact that women differs from another, and the fact that what works for this may not work for that, there’s this nature of unbearable excuses women gives when they want to light out a guy’s approach. They’d ended up leaving that guy stunned and stupid.

Think about it, while we know it’s heavily complicated to make a girl fall in head over heels in love at a time, I have personally stroke out some evident tactics that could block the ever glowing lady’s butt out there who think no man will ever make a successful sway down her face.

How It Works

These methods work pretty fine. You don’t have to own a Lamborghini or be ‘Tushed’ in the latest iPhone 20x pro or cute like the famous Lee Min Hoo. They are not magical, really, but they’re creating situation that are magical.

What Kind of Man Do Women like?

Women want men that can control them, sweep them off their feet without their consent, impress them without their approval and finally catch them by force, of course not physical force. Someone who will grab them down their thought, making them engrossed in the next second of that specie and personality.

Our Mistake

Many of us make mistakes. We go up to a girl with the mindset of making emotional-related advances the very second. More than 70% of girls are pissed off or even irritated by such cryptical move, and thus, it makes it more difficult for the guy to make a job well done or impress her in the latter end.

Shall we?

The Psychology of Toasting A Girl

As a psychologist in my study, I’ve discovered we as humans preferred to run after things that we do not have. Things that are supreme to us, things that looks good but we can’t easily access. We like to go for them, make adventurous quest.

Look at it as me holding a key up above your fingers, you could have leaped to catch it. Yet, I swing my arm upper in your approach to claim it. So you keep trying and trying to chase it. It becomes more interesting. What I’m saying is make your approach less romantic and more mysterious, not through words, no, that’s a red button. But through actions and insignificant dispositions.

But imagine I just hand these keys to you. You will see it too easy, you might even dash it back. Got that?

Step-by-step Guide on How To Approach A Girl

  • Don’t droll her down with a stare, it shows you’re desperate. A woman does not want a desperate man, she wants a man who is desperately shrewd and capable of manipulating her feelings over and twice than she’d wanted or even expected.


  • Don’t frown. Of course no one likes a frowning man/face. Sure, no one would appreciate that. You need to have something called ‘poker face’ it is a face of expressionless mind. No anxiety or desperation. No obsession or glitch of exploitative thought. Make that face bare as a water or white paper. It keeps them wondering until they’re lost in confusion. Then, you can kick your plan to their face.
  • Look at her but make it look like an accidental gaze, then don’t look away first. Women like confident men. Have you ever been struck by a stranger who looks straight into your eyes? You remember that inconvenient rumble in your tummy and that burning cheek that you’d quickly taken away your face. That’s fear. Women don’t like it. They like confident men. Your plan is to make her look away first before you do. If she doesn’t, then don’t. For as long as an hour which I’m very sure is impossible. This is a very important aspect of the whole story, you should not give a goofy smile or blow up with a temporary grin. If you do, game over.
  •  During this look, she’ll begin to have romantic feelings. No girl can stand this. One thing among all will definitely come to her mind. “Does this guy like me?” make sure you do not answer that question with a brown-toothed smile.

Now that you’ve successfully launch a subconscious magic spell of confusion within her, seize your chances.

How To Walk To A Lady

  • Walk with your chin up, your chest high and your nose straight, you face must be up. No smiling. No frowning. During this process, avoid staring into her eyes again. Look at any other direction. Your phone. The road. An hawker. Anything. Deep your hands in your pocket and swayed right beside her. She’ll be surprised and yet, confused you’re coming to her. That’s another magical spell bound.
  • Now, don’t spoil the process by asking her name. Or anything private to her life. Make it seem like you’d a different motive, don’t answer the question in her mind. The logic is, the more you delay that question by not giving signs, the more she becomes confused and more desperate to know. Let’s say you’d met in a bus stand. The first thing you’re to do is to initiate conversation about the general subject. Not her private life, name or hobby.

Let’s say I’m Frank and she is Jessica.

How To Chat With A Lady

Frank: Hey, you don’t have an extra ticket?

Her: Sorry? No, I don’t.

Frank: Alright. I’d love to buy your sit with double ticket. You ought not to be standing; a flexible female in such transport. I think tho (you look away)

Expect her not to say anything but smile and say “well…”

Frank: So how long will you be standing? 4 hours? (You know fully well it won’t take an hour)

Her: (whatever she says, she is definitely smiling)

Frank: So what is your name? (By now she’s a bit familiar with you)

Her: Jessica Hanan.

Frank: “J” for Jessy. Well. Well, I love sneakers. I like yours too, will you lend me? (when saying this, do not look at that sneaker or shoe, look out of the window that when she looks at her shoes and raises her eyes for your face. She’ll catch you totally looking at something else, another confusion sets in. She becomes more interested in you for two reasons. One, you came closer to answering ‘if you like her’ by complementing her dress and also, you left her confused if that was true by not looking so fantasized like you’ve spoken)

Frank: (Then, tell your name) Well, I’m Frank. Frank Adams. I scare dogs, bully road polices and bump into potholes. (Go on and on and say some things weird about you but leave her with a classic appearance, by this, you’re planting humour which girls love, and telling her in a way that you’re intelligent)

She must be smiling or laughing by now. Then go ahead to ask her personal info. Number. Home address. Make it not too private questions.

Frank: So what’s up? You do WhatsApp?

Her: Sure.

Frank: Let’s talk on WhatsApp. (Hand her your phone) put your digit there. I’ll definitely scare you tonight with my voice. (Now smile at her making sure you’d another contact)

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