Glo Unlimited Free Call To Any Network

How To Call Any Network Free With Glo

This cheat is Sim selected, it works perfectly on both old and new Sim but you might not be given, there is no harm in trying it though.

Open your phone dial pad, select a number that you want to call.

Dial 042 first before the number you want to call and remove the first 0 from the number.

Example you want to call 07033748014 then dial 0427033748014 then call the number, you don’t have to have card on the phone the call will connect and you can call unlimitedly.


Well! The cheat is Sim selective, you might consider trying it on a Sim where you don’t have call card first to check if you’re entitled to it or not.


If you have any question, please drop it in the comment box and try to enjoy the cheat till it last, it has been out since last week, sorry for posting it late.

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