Every disappointment is a blessing

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Is every disappointment a blessing?, you might not agree with me, but I will convince you that every disappointment is a blessing in this article.
Muhammad, a graduate of University of Ilorin, that graduated with first class from department of chemical engineering has been searching for a job for years, he couldn’t get a job but hopefully for him, before he left school he has acquired some digital skills (Graphics designing and Programming).

Instead of looking for jobs again, he borrowed some money from few friends and established his office where he offer people the services of programming and graphics designing, he was popular with the job because of his uniqueness in it and soon enough, he started making some money from his skills.

Later, he married a pretty girl named Khadeejah and they were blessed with one son and one daughter, they never had enough but they were contented, they did not live in a big house or ride luxurious cars, but they fed on time and used good clothes, this was enough for them.

One day, Khadeejah was surfing the net and she saw one vacancy, she showed the vacancy to her husband who rejected it, his excuse was that he’s tired of looking for jobs here and there because he used six years to look for job without resting and that’s what compelled him to settle for his digital skills.

His wife persuaded him to give it a try, he agreed and wrote application letter to the company and truly he was given the job in an international oil company.

Due to his outstanding result and talents, he was given one of the top posts and this made him to be entitled to one of the company’s duplexes and lots of luxurious cars.

He moved to the company’s duplex given to him a day after he resumed to office and their life changed for good, they started living a better life, they had lots of luxurious cars at their disposal and they were living in one of the most biggest and coolest building in the city, definitely his hardworking fetched him that.

After few years, something bad happened in the company and this made the company to give him a sack letter.

After receiving the sack letter, he read it and it was stated that he had been replaced and he should vacate the company’s duplex and leave all the luxurious car within few weeks before the person that replaced him resume to office.

He was so sad and disappointed and his wife cried bitterly, blaming God for what befell them.

They were compelled to leave the house and they rented a 3bedroom flat where they moved to with the car they were previously using.

After one month, the new recruit that was to replace him resumed to office and he was given the keys to the duplex and also the car keys, he was really happy, he moved to the duplex together with his family that same day and they started living a peaceful life.

Unfortunately, in the midnight while the family was sleeping, something bad happened that burnt the whole duplex together with the family to ash, the man lost his life and his family of one wife and four children.

Muhammad heard about this and he felt sad for the man but at the same time he thanks God for saving his life, if he was not sacked, he would have lost his life and his family, was it not better that he lost his job and has his family than loosing his life and his family?. He concluded by saying, truly EVERY DISAPPOINTMENT IS A BLESSING.


LESSON: What have you been wanting in life? Are you a jambite that keeps failing jamb? Is post utme your problem? You keep failing post utme? Are you in school already and you were not able to cross to another level? Have you been looking for jobs and you were not able to secure one yet? Or is there a particular things you’ve been trying to get but you couldn’t get it? You’ve been disappointed several times, failures have striked you time without number, setbacks have threatened you continuously, and you’re thinking of taking your own life, you’re planning to give up?, don’t you know that every disappointment is a blessing?

A prophet once said to his disciples that:

If I want something and I was able to get it, I will be happy, but if want something and I couldn’t get it, I will be happy ten times, his disciples asked for the reasons for this, he replied: what I wanted initially was my wish, I got it and it means it is good for me, but when I wanted it and I couldn’t get it, it means that it wasn’t the best thing for me and God made the decision for me by not giving me because it might cause harm to me.

Think about it, human beings are spiritually and mentally blind, only if we could see the future, we would have been thanking God for any disappointment that comes our way.

Whenever Disappointment hits you, whenever you’re having setbacks, whenever failures strike, look up and say:

Thank you God for making this decision for me.

Now patiently await the blessings attached to the disappointment, he has blessings in stock for you.

We all know it isn’t that easy to accept disappointments and failures, but accepting it will do you more good than harm, it will be better you accept the challenges (disappointments) for you to feel the exhilaration of victory (blessings) attached to it, truly every disappointment is a blessing.


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Every disappointment is a blessing
Is every disappointment a blessing?, you might not agree with me, but I will convince you that every disappointment is a blessing in this article.
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