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You have probably read the title of this story.
Perhaps you are now guessing around the story.
Maybe you even know the story.
Even if you know the story, I will still be “myself” and tell you the story.
The story. My story

How my life got together until people interrupted and it all tore apart.
Now. My problems became their problems.
Our problems.
And my story became our story.
Our story.

I am Yetunde Bright. Write down the name, for it may be the only thing that preaches light when you see it again.


In the beginning we were TWO.
October 17th 2011. 10:52 pm in the evening, glued to the Television. Our favourite celebrity has just got married.

Having missed the main event we were catching up with the highlights on TV with AIT news at ten. It has been a long day, we have had to wait a long time for this. Now we had it, we finally saw Mike our celebrity crush get married.

She would take her vows and eventually burst into tears, at that moment, Mike’s wife would have thought she was the only one in a pool of tears.

She was wrong, but how will she know? Do witches have feelings? Left to us, the unlucky thousand and one imaginary suitors whose dreams she had shattered by marrying our dream man, our faces hearts were filled with disgust and our face watered with tears.

For one, Mike is a brilliant actor, he is tall, handsome and his heart could be mistaken for a mine of gold. His kindness glitters through his gestures. He was every girl’s dream and we equally wanted him to ourselves.


If someone tells you your life can change in a minute, believe them. Mine didn’t exactly change for better, instead it became worse. They came in with so much force and firepower, we could hear gunshots downstairs.

Armed men had broken into our apartment. Guns, Machete, Snipers, name it. They had it all. We were having a nightmare with our eyes opened before the TV minutes back.

Now, it was about to get messier.
There gunshots kept coming, the lucky ones among us died in two seconds. That included my parents, Ibukun’s and our dogs.

The rest of us (Ibukun and I) not on Cappo’s death list had to wait another day for death while we started a long suffering.

Seven. They were seven armed men that night. They were so ruthless that they out-numbered their targets (4).

There were money, cars, jeweleries and many valuables in dad’s mansion. But they didn’t come for those, they came for the most precious things: our parents’ lives. It all happened in a flash, and in the next minute I could have sworn that I do not know who Mike was, the only thing I remembered was seeing my parents lie lifeless in a pool of their own blood. Perhaps, I had selective amnesia.

In three minutes, we would be bundled into an abandoned building. There and then, a man in his mid forties appeared, he was tall, huge and dark.

He had a moustache and a heavy beard. As he spoke, the smell of alcohol bleached the air, he wasn’t entirely ugly, but his terrible frown gave him away.

He was the one they christened Cappo: the leader. After being briefed by his team, he exclaimed
“CONFAM!…………………..make I call Honourable”

In seconds a voice appeared behind his speaker phone, I guessed it was the honourable, I wasn’t wrong.
“CORRECT!………..Una head dey there”

I couldn’t see him, but I could tell he was beeming with a smile……..
“Who dem be for dis race ? Wetin dem sabi for politics ? Make dem go dey contest their post for heaven………….”

At that point, I understood the dad’s death was tied to his political ambitions.

In all honesty, this didn’t happen out of the blues, the threats were always there but dad was being pushed by mum and his brother (Ibukun’s dad) , they told him he was destined to change the fortunes of his people.

I knew mum wasn’t very much concerned about the electorate, she just wanted to be the wife of a senator. I guess she will have all of that now that they are both on their way to heaven.

As for myself and Ibunkun, our faiths were uncertain ………..It remained like that until Cappo told honourable about us…

“Why now ? Una suppose don kill those girls, leave no traces!…..”

It took him three seconds to make such hateful declaration and it sent a cold shiver down my spine.

“Honourable sir, dat one na small thing, but u go gaz add money, na two extra bullets be dat……”

It was at that point that I knew the value of our lives was second to some stack of cash. I feared for dear life and wished I could save us, but I couldn’t. We have been warned the even the faintest of our screams must not be heard.

And then, there was a sudden change of fortunes. There was a disagreement.

“NO! , I no get any money, no even expect any balance from me………..”
“Haba!, Honourable u dey find Yawa o which kin parole be that?, we get agreement na……….”

“Which agreement?, we sign paper? …….Make una no kill dem na, make police catch una, una own don do be that ……….my hand dey clean o…………”
Hangs call……………

Cappo was seething, his face knew a new defeat and he got very angry, his frown got more ugly. He wasn’t going to get his balance and he didn’t know what to do with us. Himself and his team were in a “catch-22” situation.

The night was cold, we were to sleep on a bare floor. But how do we do that when memories of our parents were in our heads?

It was an abandoned room and it seemed to fit us as we were unintentionally abandoned kids. We prayed in the name of everything we believed but it seemed like we didn’t matter, at least for that moment. It was a long night, really long!.

Dead and buried in my thoughts, my instincts were awakened by some sound from a distance. It was Ibunkun, she had been raped repeatedly by some aggrieved members of the gang.

She could hardly breath nor move . Her hands were stiff and her emotions too. She tried to talk, but I could barely understand.

Together, we wept, so heavy that I felt I was going to drain my fluids.

The next day was another adventure, we woke up late from our cries. It was 10 am and the sun was in its usual behavior.

The last ten hours have been a nightmare, I was hoping it was all a mirage, but the more I tried the faster reality beckons on me.

We were uncertain of Cappo’s decision but I was certain I wanted to stay alive. I couldn’t think the same for Ibunkun, not after what happen to her last night. Sorry her.

If there is one thing about people who have nothing to lose, it’s that they don’t care about outcomes.

Criminals like Cappo live freely in our society because of links like honourable, now that he had lost that he was certain he would be found out soon.

He had to elope and without his balance that will be very hard. He decided to sell us, we would be sold to a group of human traffickers who traffick girls along the sahara to Europe.

The new captives weren’t exactly different, except that we had drinks and food and we were told for a certainty what would become of us.

We will be lead into Italy through the Sahara, It is going to be a long journey; the more reason we were gifted drinks and food which we have to pay back once we started making money from prostitution.

The journey was about starting, we were put into a carvan and led by some men, when night came we rested.

It was then my tragedy multiplied. One of the leaders tried raping me, growing up I have been taught self defense in taekwando classes in school and those skills were needed now.

Fortunately-unfortunately, it turned out worse, we got into a very rough scuffle and life was lost.

I was stunned and confused, in 24 hours, my parents have been killed, I got kidnapped, sold, almost got raped and murdered someone. To think I was in Eko hotels for a comedy show with my family 48 hours ago, the scenarios all just didn’t connect.

In no time, I was before the leader of the clan, I had killed one of his own and there will be consequences.

To start with I had to remind him of my name ……….. YETUNDE BRIGHT!….Remember the name?

EPISODE 2…………………………………. On or before 18/10/19……Gracias!

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