C Programming Made Easy

101 C Programming for beginners and interview preparation


C programming for beginners to advance users in easy & effective steps, practical approach, interview questions covered

What you’ll learn

  1. You will learn to write C programmes independently with in-depth understanding of POINTERS, dynamic memory allocation, recursions, Arrays, Strings, functions, file handling, command line arguments, bitwise operators
  2. The students will start solving programming problems. They will be in a position to pursue their courses in advanced languages and technologies like C++ , Java , Android , iOS, PHP, Python etc.
  3. It will help you get complete knowledge of C language
  4. Participate effectively in technological and coding competitions and exams
  5. Help you build strong base in areas related to decision making, looping and arrays
  6. Will be able to write error free programs in C
  7. Get to learn the concepts of decision making, looping and arrays.


No prerequisites, course is for absolute beginners.

The only prerequisite is the ability to handle very basic operations of a computer although no prior experience in programming is required.

Download any free IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for C language like Dev-C++ – Bloodshed, Code::Block, Netbeans, Dcoder etc. These softwares are used to write and execute your C (C++ also) programs. All of them are free.

Just google and download from their official websites.



I believe it may be the best Udemy course on C Programming for beginners to advance users, and I am glad more than 4000 students trusted us!

This course guarantees to make the students fall in love with programming. Easy to learn methodology used by a seasoned teacher who has been teaching programming in different computer languages for the last 12+ years.

Flood gates for a lucrative career in programming are certain to open for those Who undergo this course diligently and passionately.

This course helps both the Beginners and the intermediates to learn and grow. C language learning is simplex but needs attention and practice. This course is designed in such a tricky way that it will help newbies to easily build its outlook and intermediates to revise and remember.

I assure you that if you complete this course it will pave a way for you to become a consummate programmer as all the advanced programming languages and technologies are based on C only. There won’t be any looking back once you immerse yourself with all the contents.

In future I will be posting assignments also . I will come up with more courses like Java and PHP etc.


Who this course is for:

This course covers A-Z on C programming language, therefore, anyone can take this course, even absolute beginners in programming can easily do this course

Any student having C programming in curriculum

If you have previous experience in C programming or with any other programming language then this course will make your foundation more strong

Engineering students, Computer/Physical science students pursuing their graduation and post graduation degrees

Core, Intermediate and Advanced level learners

Aspiring Coders and Programmers


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